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What is a pot? Its varieties

To be able to understand what are the elements of decoration, let's see what a vase is. According to the definition of an explanatory dictionary, it is a decorative vase for flowers, a kind of pot for plants.

Kinds by the principle of use

  1. Street or garden type.
  2. Room type.
  3. Decorative type.
  4. Concrete vessels are used to decorate the entrance to any building or structure.

Street vessels are made from a wide variety of materials and sizes. They perform the function of preserving the plants planted earlier.

what is a pot
Vessels for registration of the entrance are set asrule, in one place and no longer move. Their function is purely decorative. Pottery pots come in all sizes and colors. They are always moved, so for the most part they are all mobile.

The choice of material for future decor is usually governed by the financial capabilities of the customer. The most common of these are clay, plastic, metal, stone and porcelain.

flowerpots for flowers
Flower garden vases for flowers are usually made of concrete or stone. But the room is more often found in plastic or plastic. For the production of decorative vases, metal is also used.

What is a self-made pot

Flower pot of any kind and type you are quiteyou can do it yourself. It should be noted that for the manufacture of such an element of decor you will need skills in working with similar materials. So what is a vase made independently? This is a design from any improvised materials: bottles, wood, clay, plastic, etc. You only need to give them the desired shape and perform an external decoration.


So, in our article, we figured out thatsuch a pot and what kinds it happens. To summarize, we can say that a flower pot is an element of decor, which is designed to decorate your apartment or garden.

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