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Clothes dryer "Liana": convenient and simple

Our grandmothers and mothers were forced to buya lot of clothespins, ropes, nylon threads for drying clothes. Most often in the bathroom and on the balcony there was a tangle of these ropes and strings. Some landladies even dried clothes on the street, where each time it was necessary to come with their rope, cling it, hang clothes, and then shoot everything together with this rope. To do this, together with basins full of linen, it was necessary to carry a stool out of the apartment ... In addition, people who were not averse to carrying someone else's clean clothes, it was a lot.

clothes dryer
But times change and it's all over now! Now there is a huge choice of clothes dryers. For example, a dryer for lingerie "Liana". This dryer is simple and reliable to use. Any mistress will be pleased with her! The dryer "Liana" is made of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. And its design fits perfectly into any interior of an apartment or house, giving them extra comfort and coziness. It is worth noting that the company "Liana" produces only ceiling dryers. Experts believe that this is the most convenient and compact version of placing the dryer for laundry. It can be placed both in the bathroom, and on the balcony or in another convenient place for the hostess.

ceiling drier for linen liana
In contrast to their predecessors, a dryer forlinen "Liana" fits perfectly into the interior of the loggia. In addition, it is quite convenient to use. After all, now you do not need to stand on a stool in order to hang clothes. The dryer "Liana" is adjusted, as a result of which its rods (on which the laundry is dried) go down and rise to the desired distance. The distance between the rods is 10 centimeters, and the maximum load on the rod is about two and a half kilograms. This is the weight of the average wet double quilt cover. Thus, the ceiling dryer for lingerie "Liana" is very convenient and easy to use.

Also worth highlighting the advantages of using a dryer:

  • dryer for linen "Liana" ceiling mounted almost everywhere where there is a ceiling;
  • linen during drying is under the ceiling, without disturbing the residents of the house or apartment to move freely around the room;
  • depending on your height, the rods on which you need to hang up the laundry, go down and rise thanks to the staples;
  • dryer for clothes "Liana" is made of high-strength environmentally friendly materials;
  • dryer for linen ceiling
    "Liana" can withstand a heavy weight - about two and a half colograms on one rod;
  • if used correctly, the life of this dryer is unlimited!

Thus, the dryer for lingerie "Liana" -A great option for those who appreciate the space in their home. It practically does not take up space, as it is fixed to the ceiling. And each housewife can easily adjust the height of the placement of rods with linens for their growth. If you are planning to buy a dryer "Liana", it is better to ask for help in a proven store or a verified seller. Often these dryers are guaranteed for 2 years. But with proper use it will serve you for decades!

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