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The most necessary things for newborns

The last months before childbirth - the perfect moment,to buy all the necessary things for newborns. However, future parents, going shopping, often make purchases, guided only by emotions. And then all the things that the kid did not have time to dress or use them, start to throw themselves in the house from corner to corner. Therefore, when going shopping, all acquisitions need to be divided into several positions - the most necessary, useful and desirable ones. The group of things necessary for the child in the first place includes children's clothing, hygiene products, baby food items and additional accessories.

Clothing and diapers are, undoubtedly, the first thingsneed for newborns. The child at first very intensively gaining weight and growing. Thus, the amount of clothing at first should not be huge. When choosing clothes, you need to pay attention to the material of manufacture and its dimensions. For the newborn usually comes in 56-62 size. In the beginning, you need 4-6 bodikov with a short sleeve, 2-3 with a long sleeve, a couple of suits, and clothes for parties. Of course, in our time diapers - those necessary things for newborns, without which it can not cope, probably notone modern mom. Consumption of newborns with these accessories will exceed all expectations. Diapers can be disposable, and reusable. The choice depends on the preferences of the parents themselves. Very comfortable in the care of the baby will become wet wipes.

From the first days of life, the child will needspecial cosmetics and medical products. When choosing a protective cream from diaper rash, cream soap for bathing or powdering, you need to pay attention to the makeup: it must be hypoallergenic, odorless and free of artificial colors. Small scissors, a hair brush, a thermometer and a pear-spout are the necessary things for newborns to care for and care for them.

Of course, you still need things like: a stroller, a bed with a mattress, a bath for bathing. To sleep the child needs not only a warm and cozy room, but also a comfortable bed. Such a thing is better to buy more, so that the child can use it until 3-4 years of age. The mattress should be chosen waterproof, soft and comfortable. Since it is recommended to bathe a child every 2-3 days, no less attention should be paid to the bathtub when buying. But such items as sling, changing table or car seat may not be the most necessary things for the newborn, but in time they can facilitate the care of the baby. In Sling, a child can always be with her mother when she is engaged in other affairs, and the car seat will help not only in the car - in it the kid can safely observe everything that is happening.

During feeding, the baby can come in handya bottle for milk, a bottle for tea, as well as an invariable attribute of almost all small children - a dummy. If the family budget allows, the heater and sterilizer for the bottle will not be superfluous.

All accessories for the newborn is better to collectin advance. First, then it is easier for Mom with a small tummy to make purchases, and secondly, due to the time reserve you can only buy the most necessary for the child. Choosing the necessary things for newborns, the store is better to keep calm and not to lose common sense. Today, many unnecessary things have appeared on the market, the price of which sometimes exceeds their usefulness. When choosing clothes, you should pay attention not only to its appearance, but to take into account the functionality, material of manufacture and convenience in the dressing-undressing process. Also, in the selection of clothes, you need to take into account the season in which the child was born. And do not make a large store of cosmetics - some babies are very sensitive and are prone to allergies, so even a tested cream may not be suitable for him.

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