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Diapers "Bella Happy" - excellent quality at a low price

Modern parents consider it their mission to givethe child all the best. And what could be more important than the comfort and hygiene of a child during a fascinating knowledge of the world during the day or a sweet dream at night? The Polish trademark "Bella" with care for your children produces quality diapers at a low price.

A bit of history

Diapers "Bella Happy" in the market of children's goodsappeared in 2000. The manufacturer of hygiene products for babies is the Polish concern TZMO. The factory works on the newest equipment, using advanced technologies, constantly improves production.

The company produces a full line of disposable hygiene products for children, starting with products for newborns and ending with nursery age (2-3 years).

The brand products cover the European market, Central and Eastern Europe, Far East and Africa.

A range of disposable diapers

Bella Baby Happy diapers are divided into the following series:

  • Happy Start is products for newborns. It has the smallest size for premature babies and children weighing up to 2 kg. Innovative non-woven Premium Dry material, which lined the inner surface of the product, perfectly absorbs the liquid stool of newborns.
  • Happy Fun - diapers are packaged in packages for children weighing 5-9 kg, 8-18 kg, 9-20 kg.
  • Happy Adventure - designed for children weighing from 16kg. Parents of kids know what kind of attraction a dressing up of a grown up child turns into. Diapers Junior Extra have wide Velcro reusable. With them to accustom crumbs to the pot is much easier. Children like color prints in the design of products.

bella happy diapers

Advantages of "Bella Happy" diapers

Distinctive features of Polish disposable diapers:

  • Means of children's hygiene are made of soft, pleasant to the touch of cotton.
  • Diapers "Bella Happy" breathe because,that they are made of microporous matter. The surface of the inner layer has bulges and grooves, which provides ventilation between the skin of the baby and hygienic means. In the grooves, the baby's slack stool is well retained and does not spread.
  • A beautiful design that will definitely please both the kids and their parents.
  • The cushioning material Premium Dry, from which the inner layer is made, perfectly absorbs.
  • Diapers have soft, but well-fitting cuffs, which prevents the flow of liquid. Erasers leave no residue on the delicate skin of the baby.
  • Diapers "Bella Happy" from the series for newborns have a cutout for ventilation of the umbilical wound.
  • In the large and medium pack there is a bonus from the manufacturer - special bags for disposing of used disposable diapers.
  • Diapers "Bella Happy" easily and quickly put on and sit well on the waist of the child. The product is easy to symmetrically fix due to the pictures on the fasteners.

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One-time hygiene means for tactilesensations are no worse than high-quality children's underwear. In practice, the ass of your crumbs will always be dry, you can safely forget about the baby powder and cream for diapers. Diapers "Bella Happy" are hypoallergenic - with constant use it is possible to forget what an intertrigo is in a child. Sorbent, which is filled with the inner layer of panties, does not increase in size. A child can walk for a long time in a diaper and not experience unpleasant sensations and heaviness.

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Diapers "Bella Happy": reviews

Evaluation of products by moms is ambiguous. She hesitates from rave reviews to a complete dislike of the brand. Many note that diapers absorb moisture well, the liquid is evenly distributed over the inner surface.

Of the minuses, mom noticed that the products are a bitharsh for very young children. But this opinion is subjective. You can contact the store for newborns and find a small package (5 pcs.), Try them yourself. Some parents are not comfortable with the width of diapers and the fact that they are sitting low. Orthopedists also advise just such sizes and planting. Thanks to the form, wearing the product replaces the free swaddling. A huge plus, of course, is the affordable price of diapers.

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Other brand products

If you look into the store for newborns, thenyou can find the following brand products: wet wipes, disposable diapers, a series of cosmetics for children Bella Baby Happy natural care, lactation pads for nursing mothers.

We will dwell separately on disposable diapers. The child can be laid on it naked, to ventilate the skin and not be afraid of something stain. Another option is to partially replace diapers with disposable diapers.

Diapers are certainly a useful invention,which facilitates mothers caring for kids. But do not forget that, being constantly in the comfort zone, the child will soon realize that you need to ask for a pot. Now it seems a fairy tale that the kids at the time when there were no these products, asked for a pot from 8 months, and even earlier. Mums had to listen to their babies. And children always "signal" before relieving the ventricle or bladder. You just need to learn how to recognize them.

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