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How to choose diapers for newborns with a cutout for the navel

Preparation of all necessary for a birth of the kid -the occupation is pleasant, but troublesome. One of the tasks is to purchase diapers for newborns with a neckline for the navel, because they will need your mother in the maternity hospital. What is the difference between models for newborns and how to choose the best ones?


That among the whole variety of diaperschoose exactly those that fit the newborn, look for either a special note newborn ("newborn" in English), or the abbreviation NB. Also, be guided by the weight of the child indicated on the pack. The smallest size is usually up to 5 kilograms, and it suits newly born babies. Some manufacturers have also rulers for small children, up to 2.5-3 kilograms, but we do not recommend buying these in advance, as they rarely come in handy.

pampers premium care

Diapers of different brands have different patterns, andalso slightly different in height or width, so some children are more suited to one brand, while others have a similar leak. Therefore, it is better to buy 2-3 small packages of different manufacturers and choose the ideal ones.

What distinguishes diapers for newly bornchildren, so this is a special notch on the waistband under the navel. It does not happen to all manufacturers, for example, the most famous brand of diapers in the line for the youngest, and this is Pampers premium care, there is no such a notch. But its presence is very convenient, because in the first days after birth, the umbilical wound is very sensitive and it is better not to touch it again and do not cover with a tight band. If such a notch is not present, my mother will have to turn the edge of her panties every time and make sure that he does not rub his navel.

diapers for newborns with cut for navel

And another important diaper difference is forThe newborn is a special absorbent layer. The chair in the child in the first days and weeks after birth is very frequent and liquid. To absorb it, you need special absorbents that will not let the liquid get to the outside, but at the same time allow the skin to breathe and not create a greenhouse effect.

Consider the main brands presented in our stores and meet all these requirements.

Libero Newborn

This is a fairly budgetary option, which,however, has a number of advantages - the skin in these diapers is breathing, the navel is not rubbed with an elastic band, and the indicators will prompt when the diaper is about to change. Also they do not contain any lotions and perfumes, so they are suitable for children with the most delicate skin.

diapers for newborns with cut for navel

In the Newborn lineup, there are diapers fornewborns with a cutout for the navel with a marking of 0, they are suitable for premature and small children up to 2.5 kg. Marking 2 for a weight of 3-6 kg is suitable for ordinary children from the first days of life. The packs come in a variety of sizes for 26, 52 and 94 pieces. The price of one diaper is about 14 rubles.

Huggies Elite Soft

This diaper manufacturer knows everything, eventhose who do not have children. The brand has long been on the market of the whole world and has a variety of rulers for different weights, age, gender and child characteristics. There are among them the smallest ones for newborns - Elite Soft. Their absorbent layer consists of soft pads that absorb meconium well and do not completely contact the skin, which gives less chance of irritation. Occurs in packs of 27 and 84 pieces. A large bundle is more profitable, since 1 piece costs about 10 rubles, but also a small enough budget - the cost of one diaper is about 12 rubles.

diapers for newborns with cut for navel

Diapers Moony NB

This is one of the Japanese brands of diapers thathave enjoyed the special love of mothers for several years in a row, and this is not surprising. These diapers for the newborn with a cutout for the navel are thin, soft and breathable, they rarely cause a drop or skin rash even in children prone to dermatitis. Earlier they could be bought only on the Internet on a special order, and today a variety of Japanese brands exist in almost any children's department.

diapers diaper

Moony diapers for babies are very soft,the rubber bands on the sides and on the back do not press, but reliably hold the liquid infantile stool. They also have an anatomical pattern and a compulsory cutout for the navel. They are sold only in large packages of 90 pieces at a price of about 1,500 rubles, that is, the price per piece is 16.5 rubles.

Merries NB and XS

Merries - the most popular Japanese brand, veryquality breathable and perfectly absorbing diapers. Rounded reusable Velcro will not scratch the delicate skin, and the rubber bands will not rub even between the legs. Malomeryat, despite the category of up to 5 kg, a 5-kilogram child, they will already be small.

diapers for newborns with cut for navel

Baby diapers with neckline for navelfrom the NB range are sold only in packs of 90 pieces at a price of 1700 rubles. (19 rubles per piece), and XS is in smaller packages, only 24 pieces, but they are more expensive - 500 rubles, that is a little more than 20 rubles apiece.

Bella Baby Happy Newborn

diapers for newborns with cut for navel

Diapers from the brand Bella - inexpensive, they are not sowidely advertised, but the quality is not always inferior to more famous brands. In the line for newborns, there is not only a cutout for the navel, but microvilli on the absorbent layer, which literally suck in a chair. They are also impregnated with green tea extract, which will protect against diaper rash. They are sold in packages of 25 and 42 pieces, the retail price of only 9.5 rubles per one diaper.

Helen Harper new born

helen harper new born

Another budgetary brand that hasdiapers for babies weighing up to 5 kilograms. They have the same as the analogs, 3 absorbent layers, no perfumes and soft gums. Cutout for the navel provided. Diapers are sold in packs of 24 pieces and the price of one is only 10.5 rubles.

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