/ Dryer for wall-mounting - useful accessory in the house

Clothes dryer wall - useful accessory in the house

One of the topical issues urban hostsThe apartment is the choice of clothes dryer. Manufacturers of various types of home dryer for laundry offer a huge selection of a wide variety of devices for this purpose, they say, for every taste and color.

Clothes dryer wall
For a large apartment, where there is a place, goodsuitable floor-standing drier. It places a large number of things at the same time, since it can be decomposed into three sections. In the middle you can hang the heaviest things, on the edges - light. When choosing such a dryer for laundry, due attention should be paid to ensure that one side does not outweigh the other.

To save space in a small apartmentthe ideal option is a wall-mounted dryer. It's such a dryer, which is mounted directly under the ceiling, it can be attached in the bathroom. The fact that the wall-mounted dryer is located under the ceiling does not mean that you need to have a two-meter height to hang clothes, a stepladder is also not needed for this. This dryer has a special mechanism that allows you to raise and lower the laundry. It can dry both large and small items, it is universal.

Wall hung clothes dryers
Wall-mounted dryer is veryeconomical option. It can be mounted directly to the wall or, for more efficient use, to the radiator. The dryer for wall linen is convenient because after drying it is not necessary to remove linen and carry it in parts to the room. You can remove the entire dryer and take all the things at a time. But wall-mounted clothes dryers have also disadvantages: they can not dry all things, only light and small.

A reduced version is a suspended dryer. Typically, such a product is convenient to hang over the bathroom on the bar from the curtain, of course, if it is. If there is none, then you can hang it on the towel hook. This dryer is usually a round bezel, on which are attached clothespins and a hanger. Such a dryer is used exclusively for small items, scarves, socks, underwear.

Wall-mounted dryer
If the area of ​​the apartment allows you to placeseveral types of dryers, then you can divide them by purpose. For example, on a wall-mounted dryer, only those things that must dry first are dried, the bed linen is hung on the floor, and only small items are hung on the suspended hanger. Those things that in the near future will not be needed, can dry on drying, attached to the ceiling. This option of using dryers is ideal, but, unfortunately, it is not always feasible.

In drying clothes there is an essential point thatmust always be considered, no matter what type of dryer is used. It consists in that it is impossible that bright things touch, as they can shed. This is always worth remembering.

Of course, the choice is yours, but the wall-mounted dryer is the most economical option. Such a device is ideal for most apartments.

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