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An extract from the hospital - what do you need to know?

The birth of a child is a great miracle, of whichevery woman dreams. The agonizing nine months of waiting end with the birth of a wonderful and beloved little man. After several days of stay in the maternity hospital, the mother and her child are ready to return home. An extract from the hospital requires careful preparation, so think about it in advance.

The future mummy, being in the last monthspregnancy, should make a list of the cases and purchases that the future happy father will perform after a successful birth. It is necessary to do this, so that the confused young dad does not confuse anything from the emotions and feelings that overfill him, after learning about the birth of a daughter or son.

Discharging from maternity hospital
It's even better if Mom prepares everything for herselfnecessary until the moment he meets in the maternity ward, neatly decomposes into separate packages and carefully explains to her husband what package and what is intended for. However, written recommendations for daddy are not canceled. The reasons are the same - an emotion-filled soul, obscuring any sensible mind.

Things for a newborn

A child for discharge must prepare clothes in which he will be comfortable and warm.

Extract from the maternity home in the winter and an extract from the hospitalin the summer a few differ in the set of children's things. It's easier to buy a ready-made kit for a newborn, which can be found in any children's store. This will save parents from unnecessary thinking about the necessary things for the baby and help you forget nothing. It is important to buy such an envelope so that later you can walk in the fresh air, go to the clinic and go on a hiking trip.

If, for some reason, the kit could not be purchased, an extract from the hospital will require the following:

  • diapers, on which firm to choose depends on Mom and
    her preferences;
  • raspashonki, some parents replace it with "body";
  • sliders;
  • hats;
  • calico, flannel diaper;
  • a special walking (summer or winter) envelope for newborns or blankets.
    discharge from the hospital in winter

It is important that things are made of natural cotton fabrics, and
also they must be washed with baby powder and thoroughly stripped. Cleanliness and hygiene - the most important condition for the health of a newborn baby.

At home, the baby should wait for a comfortable crib withan orthopedic mattress, covered with clean and fresh linens, changing table. It will not be superfluous and a small supply of diapers. For bathing a separate bath and bath towel will be useful. Of the children's cosmetics will need creams, oils and powder, although some moms do well without these newfangled devices. Do not forget about the first aid kit, which should be filled according to the recommendations of the pediatrician.

Things for mom

an extract from maternity home in the summer
Extract from the hospital for my mother is no less importantan event than for a baby, and her basic desire is to appear before her relatives, and even more so before her husband in all splendor and beauty. Therefore, do not neglect cosmetics.

Underwear should be bought withincreasing breast size. It is best to take a bra for nursing mothers, so that if necessary, you can easily feed the baby in the car. For the same reason, and useful blouse, which provides easy access to the chest. Orienting on the weather, it takes the outer clothing and shoes.

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