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New Year's entertainment for adults and children

The long-awaited, cheerful, romantic,a magical holiday is, of course, the New Year. A moment of farewell to the old, the past and meeting with the hopes for a happy future. In the New Year it is always believed that all the misfortunes and sorrows will remain in the past, and only joy and luck are ahead. This holiday is always connected with mischievous laughter of children, congratulations of relatives and friends, cheerful conversation behind a festive table, amusing games and quizzes, incendiary dances and splashes of champagne. And all this goes into colorful fireworks and salutes, illuminating the New Year's sky.

New Year's entertainment has always been special andremembered us for life. Often they depended on the one whose year on the horoscope we celebrate, from previous family events, from the composition of invited guests and much more.

If by the New Year you have already thought ofthe festive menu, bought all the necessary products, invented themselves, the spouse and children the original outfits and costumes, the Christmas tree is decorated and the house is decorated - now you should pay special attention to what your guests will have fun all evening. After all, according to the old belief, how you will meet the year, this way it will be. Therefore, it is so important that everyone should have fun and good that night.

New Year's entertainment at home can be quitedifferent. It can be a prepared concert in which not only the hosts of the house will take part, but also guests wishing to show their original number. Perhaps - it will be an ordinary evening in the form of "lights", which will be leading. Funny musical breaks with dancing and singing karaoke will be replaced by utterances of toasts, festive speeches, conducting mobile contests.

New Year's entertainment can be prepared in accordance with any tastes and requirements of invited guests.

For example, if the guests are heavy on the rise, there isa fun game in which you can play and sitting at the table. All participants are given out leaflets and pins. Everyone on his leaflet writes the name and surname of any star, president, athlete, known to everyone, a multpergoy, and, in general, the one whose name the entire world knows, and, without showing a note to other players, attaches it to the back of his neighbor. So does everyone. As a result, it turns out that everyone who sits at the table, on his back is attached a note with a name that will have to be guessed by her real owner. He has the right to ask leading questions to find out who he is. The rest of the players can only answer with the words "yes" or "no". If he gets the answer "yes", then you can ask one more question, well, otherwise you have to look for another person.

New Year's entertainments, during which you will have toactively move, can also cheer your guests. For example, the game "Holy Place". Here, for a game in a circle, chairs are set. Participants sit down on them, which should be more for one person than the number of chairs. All but the guide, they sit down on them and start from the right to the left to change, from one chair to another, in a circle. The one who leads should be in time to get ahead of one of the participants and take a place on a certain chair. In the end, the one who will be able to unseat the chair, and will drive.

New Year's entertainment for children can beare prepared so that both children and adults can participate together in these or those games. So it will be much more fun, and the whole company will be together, and not separately celebrate the New Year.

For example, the game "Snowball". Each of the participants (they can be from two to five people) in the hands of a box with a puzzle, which is strongly-strongly crocheted with white thread. At the command of the leading participants begin to unwind the thread. The one who gets to the box first, reads the puzzle and correctly guesses it, becomes the winner and receives a New Year gift for the victory.

To New Year's entertainment were original andwe recommend to prepare a themed New Year's party. It can be a Latin American carnival; a wig party for which all guests come in a variety of fancy wigs; romantic night by candlelight, etc. If your friends will also take part in the preparation of the holiday, then it will certainly work out.

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