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Dryer for ceiling ceiling: a conscious need

For any apartment owner in a multi-storeycity ​​house drying of clothes is very important, especially when the family has small children. An excellent solution to the problem is the dryer for laundry. Ceiling, floor or wall - this is a matter of taste, convenience and availability of space in the apartment or on the balcony.

dryer for ceiling

For example, the floor dryer is mobile, easyis removed, but it takes enough space, in a small apartment it will cause inconvenience. The wall unit for drying is stationary, if you need to hang a large amount of laundry, it clutters the space of the bathroom or balcony, because it is usually attached at the height of the raised hands for comfortable use.

Ceiling dryer for laundry - the most optimal option, which is most popular with practical mothers and wives, as well as in independent men. What are their advantages?

  • They are attached to the ceiling, thus minimizing the occupancy of the useful area of ​​walls and floor.
  • Dryer for ceiling is very convenient inuse, as the hostess has the ability to raise and lower her moving parts to the desired height: lower when you need to hang or remove washed clothes, higher - for the drying time of clothes, so that it takes up less space.
  • The number of items that can be hung on such a device is much larger than the number of things that fit on the wall and, especially, floor dryers of about the same size.
    ceiling clothes dryers
  • The higher the hanging clothes, the faster it dries, so the ceiling dryer is also the drying speed of things.

In the Russian market, dryers forlinen produced in Italy, China and domestic. "Liana" ceiling lacquer for linen is a Russian invention of a new generation equipped with a special system of blocks that allow lifting and lowering things hanging for drying to the required height. In the production of our dryers, environmentally friendly, durable materials are used that withstand the maximum load per rod to 2.5 kg - this is the weight of the blanket. The upper guide arms with the movable system of the laundry holders are fixed to the ceiling. The fixing ends of the cords, with which the system is set in motion, are fixed to the wall. The dryer is convenient, compact and easy to operate.

drying ceiling for clothes

GIMI LIFT dryers are popular in Russiamade in Italy. They are universal, i.e. can be attached to both the wall and the ceiling. They differ in that all the parts, except auxiliary ones, are made of metal. Therefore, dryers GIMI LIFT are characterized by increased strength and withstand weight of 15 kg. In each modification of the dryer there are six rods, 6 cm apart. The level of their lifting and lowering is established when assembling the structure.

Dryer for ceiling ZALGER COMFORT isan analog of Italian work, produced in China. It differs in that it is fixed only to the ceiling and is equipped with five holders for laundry, made of metal, covered with acrylic. Not so long ago a new product appeared on the Russian market - the automated ALCONA ASB-602. This is a dryer with lighting and remote control, allowing the hostess to simplify the process of hanging clothes.

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