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Costumes for the New Year for Girls: ideas and options

If you ask the children about what holidayfor them the most long-awaited and beloved, the palm tree of the championship will surely be divided into two celebrations: Birthday and New Year. The latter - it's sparkling toys and tinsel, Christmas tree, Santa Claus with his granddaughter and, of course, gifts! In addition, the New Year is a great opportunity to change into a fancy dress and try yourself in the role of some fairy (or not) character!

costumes for the new year for girls
What could be the costumes for the New Year forgirls? There are a lot of options. The most common girlish outfit is a snowflake suit. It is suitable for any white dress (as an option - a skirt with a T-shirt or raglan), which can be decorated with tinsel or paillettes. Cows or white shoes are also decorated with silvery rain. On the head you can put on a shiny crown or use elastic bands and hair clips with rhinestones.

Also for a costume snowflakes are ideala skirt-tutu or an American. A girl in a cloud of snow-white foam will look just great! Such a skirt can be built even by those who are not familiar with sewing. It is only necessary to cut the tulle stripes, and then tie each around a wide rubber band.

children's suits for the new year
Most often costumes for the New Year for girlsare chosen based on the roles that are given on the matinee in the kindergarten or school. It can be the snowflake, a candy, an asterisk, a bead, a cracker or a Christmas tree. Similar fancy dresses for the New Year can be rented or made independently. The basis is a dress of the right color, which should be trimmed with tinsel, beads and sparkles. For the fir-tree dress, a green dress will do, and if it is not, you can simply cover it with a heavy green rain, and then decorate with small balls (of course, unbreakable). For crackers or sweets will also make a hat from a piece of cloth, picking it up and leaving a small tail-tuft.

fancy dresses for the new year
Costumes for the New Year for girls areall kinds of animals and insects. A ladybird, a butterfly or a bee, a cat, a mouse, and even a horse ... There is where the fantasy goes! These outfits can also be bought, rented or made independently. The simplest is a butterfly suit, for which any elegant dress fits. It is enough to supplement it with wings, and the butterfly is ready! Wings can be made from tulle, or you can buy ready-made ones (as a rule, they are sold complete with a hoop with horn-antennae).

Elegant dress complete with wings,magic wand and flower in her hair will allow the girl to turn into a flower fairy. A black skirt and golf, complemented by a tail of fur, black seals and triangular ears on the hoop, perfect for the image of a kitty.

And, of course, the costumes for the New Year forgirls also include princess dresses! They dream of a lot of growing adorable girls. Snow White, Rapunzel, Little Mermaid, Cinderella - hardly anyone will refuse such suits.

costumes for the new year for girls
Children's costumes for the New Year should not beonly beautiful, but also as convenient as possible. It is very important that they do not interfere with running, jumping and dancing. Therefore, even the dress of a princess should not be done in length on the floor. In addition, it is important to take into account the temperature of the air in the room: if there is cool, in a dress with open shoulders and hands the girl may not be too comfortable. Conversely, if the room is warm, fur suits are not the most suitable solution.

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