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Dog of the English queen: breed, photo

Interest in shepherd dogs has always been high;historically, this was facilitated by the forced necessity to distill large herds of pasture animals, and today many of them are used as companions, wonderful athletes, salon dogs.

Among the English shepherd dogs, a special place is occupied by the dog of the English queen - welsh-corgi pembroke.

The most sought after breeds of shepherd dogs from the UK

Bobtail (or Old English Shepherd) - the mostHeavy and large of this group - up to 54 cm at the withers and up to 45 kg. Used to haul up to 250 sheep, doing it gently, without much effort. High, coarse-wool, intelligent.

Collie - Scottish Shepherd, height up to 61 cm, weightup to 30 kg. Until 1860, to the exterior of this breed, the requirements were minimal, primarily working qualities were valued: the ability to manage sheep herds, to be an assistant to shepherds. But since 1860, the collie is the favorite dog of the English Queen Victoria. Subtlety, intelligence - epithets, which still reward fans of this breed.

Sheltie - a shepherd cattle dog, namedoriginally a Shetland collie. But at the request of breeders of the collie who protested this name, the breed was given its modern name - sheltie. The peculiarities of this miniature dog (height at the withers up to 37 cm, weight up to 8 kg) include its incredible ability to drive birds - on the Shetland Islands shelties drove away numerous flocks of birds from grazing sheep.

Border Collie - black and white collie, namewhich derives from the word "boundary" (the breed was originally recorded on the territorial section of Scotland and England). In the ranking of the most intelligent dogs, border-collies take first place. These "wise men" can remember and distinguish through time up to 200 words, which is peculiar only to this breed.

Small Shepherd Dog UK

Welsh Corgi (cardigan and pembroke) are working cattle dogs with a height of up to 33 cm, weighing up to 17 kg.

dog of the English queen

Welsh corgi cardigan - originally and now doggies with long tails), slightly higher than the pembroke, there is more black in color.

Pembroke (the dog of the English queen) is lower and quicker. Both these breeds originated from the shepherd dogs of Wales. During the formation of cardigans, mixing with dachshunds occurred, and pembrokes were mixed with spitz.

what kind of dog does an English queen have?

Dog of the English queen: breed

Photos of palace pembrokes can be seen everywhere in the country: on T-shirts, hats, dishes, postcards, posters, stickers.

favorite dog breed of the English queen

Welsh corgi pembroke (Welsh corgi from the countyPembrokeshire, Wales, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is the smallest of shepherd dogs. Its growth is up to 30 cm, weight is up to 14 kg. Color predominantly red with various shades. The muzzle of the dog attracts the eye - it is impossible to turn away from the smile of the "fox".

First mention of Welsh corgi(welsh corgi) are found in the 10-11 centuries. Then it was the shepherd dogs who helped the shepherds to drive the herds of sheep. From them it was required that the animals should go in the right direction and tightly enough. Corgi, possessing small growth, quickly scurried between animals, biting the legs of those who fought against the herd or changed direction. Such professionalism of dogs was developed throughout the centuries. When culling, non-independent, often barking individuals were eliminated.

It is believed that both pembroke and cardigans hadsingle ancestors - Welsh corgi - small shepherd dogs. Cardigans have preserved more traditional traits, although they were crossed with dachshunds. Pembrokes are characterized by the presence of some signs of Spitz-shaped dogs. To date, these are two different breeds, although they are often (quite justifiably) combined into one group.

Her Highness and Welsh Corgi Pembroke: a joint history of "reign"

King George V's granddaughter was only eight years old,when she and her sister met for the first time with pembrokes. Love and tenderness for this breed the queen carried through all her life. On her eighteenth birthday she received a dog named Susan.

dog of the queen of the breed photo
Interest in breeding pembroke in the Queen developed gradually, as much as possible at the same time in the palace to thirteen dogs.

And in all subsequent litters, the blood of the first dog was traced, Susan.

what kind of dog does an English queen have?
As far as the hobbyists were concerned, there were deviations fromsimple breed reproduction - dogs were crossed with dachshunds belonging to the queen's sister, Margaret - they were called dogi. What kind of dog does an English queen have now? At the beginning of 2016, the 89-year-old queen had two pembrokes (Willow and Holly) and two dogs. By the way, these two pembroke participated in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2012. Elizabeth II rejects all attempts to update and expand the circle of pets (they are already 12 years old), explaining this by fear of a faltering for a young, frisky dog.

Dog of the English queen: sine of interest

The Queen very rarely exhibited her dogs. As a rule, interest in this event was huge. Exhibition royal corgi have a special mark "Windsor". They are never sold at breeding, but only given. Does this itself Elizabeth II. Get a gift from the hands of the queen - what can be more prestigious? Therefore, for more than sixty years, the inhabitants of the country have unerringly answered the question of what kind of dog the English queen has. On this wave of welsh corgi Pembroke became a fashion breed in the United Kingdom. Outside the country the breed is popular in many countries. Today the fashion for the breed undergoes decline. English Cannel Club has brought it to the list of 300 breeds, the reproduction of which has been rapidly decreasing lately. The young generation of Englishmen shows almost no interest in "salon" dogs.

Conditions and details of the content: for and against

Welsh Corgi pembroke, like all shepherd dogs,independent. Therefore, when cohabiting, this should be taken into account: they learn very quickly, are loyal to their neighbors, distrustful of others, of whom good guards are obtained when they are trained.

With children they play, as they say, without regard for decency, but they can nibble at the heels in excitement.

To comb out the corg, living together, you need often - their long coat requires constant care of the owners. It is necessary to walk a lot with Corgi, otherwise they can greatly recover - they have an excellent appetite.

The acquisition of pembroke must be approached fromcaution; their dominant gene, bitchy-tails, half-literal. Therefore, there are few puppies in litters. The cheapness of pembrokes during the sale can speak of bad faith breeders.

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