/ Why does not the child gain weight?

Why does not the child gain weight?

Children's health is the crucial moment in lifeof each parent. A huge role is played by the weight of the newborn. In the first years of life, the baby should eat well (however, as in the rest of the time, it's just that the older children are not treated so carefully) to develop to the fullest. There are even generally accepted norms for weight gain. What if the child does not match? Or rather, if it weighs less and does not gain almost anything? What are the causes of this phenomenon? Should I panic if the child does not gain weight?

the child does not gain weight

Feeding regime

Problems with a set of kilograms in children can be many. Therefore, it is important to determine the cause of abnormalities. In infants most often the cause is a violation of the feeding regime.

It's all about the fact that moms choose themselves, likewhen they feed the child. Some do it on demand, someone - on a clear schedule. Often in the second case, the children simply remain hungry. And so it turns out that the child does not gain weight. That is, it absorbs little food.

The reason is not too dangerous. It's easy to fix. It is recommended to switch to on-demand feeding mode. So the child will eat as much as he needs for growth and development. In the case of infants, this phenomenon may not be very convenient for the mother, especially at night. But for children, feeding on demand is most suitable.

the child must gain weight by months

Lack of milk

Your child a month? Bad gaining weight? The problem may lie in the lack of milk. It is not difficult to guess, it is observed only in those children who are exclusively breastfed.

Especially often the lack of milk is found infirst-birth mothers. The reasons for this problem can be a lot - stress, long adaptation of the body and so on. But the fact remains: milk is not enough for the baby.

You can recommend in this case severalreceptions. It all depends on whether the mother wants to breastfeed the baby farther or not. If a child does not gain weight due to a shortage of milk, it is simply necessary to apply it more often to the breast or stimulate the breast with a breast pump. Usually problems with the allocation of milk are observed in the first month after childbirth.

how much does a child need to gain weight

The second way to solve the problem is to switch toartificial feeding. So you can feed the child and know for sure that he has enough food for proper development. But this is far from the best solution. Some assure that there is nothing more useful for the baby than breast milk.

Intestinal diseases

Why does not the child gain weight? The cause of this phenomenon can be intestinal diseases. Usually, this problem occurs in children who are mixed or artificially fed. But babies on breastfeeding usually only have colic. But they have no effect on weight gain, only on the general condition of the baby.

What should I do in this case? To begin with, find out what kind of intestinal disease the child has. And then cure it. If the cause is an artificial mixture, you need to change it. It is advisable to select the next food for the baby with a pediatrician who observes the newborn. It will definitely help you decide.

child badly gaining weight a month

Usually to sound an alarm and express suspicions inthe presence of intestinal diseases is when the child does not gain weight. But he must also lose it. It is this symptom that is accompanied by bowel disease in children. Therefore, do not immediately raise panic. Not the fact that everything is as serious as it seems.


Is a baby breast gaining weight badly? To be honest, this is not always the reason for panic. In some cases, the deviation from the norm can be considered normal. Yes, modern doctors immediately talk about the health problems of the baby, but in fact it is not.

Genetics and heredity also played their partrole in the formation of the newborn. So, underweight can be inherited. That is, if the parents do not have a predisposition to fullness, moreover, when the mother and father were also with a lack of mass, then the child can face this problem.

Usually no additional action is takenthe situation does not require. It is hardly subject to adjustment. It is enough to explain to the pediatrician that the shortage was inherited. Otherwise, you will be intimidated by disappointing diagnoses, and the child will be cured of everything that can only cause our today's problem.


In some cases, you still have to takeanalyzes to find out the true cause of body weight deficiency in a baby. The child does not gain weight? Maybe he had worms! Usually this phenomenon is observed in grown-up kids. In neonates, this phenomenon is almost impossible.

why the child does not gain weight

In order to gain weight, theget rid of parasites in the body. Only after passing the treatment will the child begin to eat normally and gain weight. Therefore, it is necessary first of all to exclude worms from a number of reasons for shortage of weight to the baby. But only without panic - everything is treated, the child can quickly recover after a set of procedures.

Weight gain rates

In what situations is it worth alarming? How much should a child gain weight? Now you can find a variety of tables with the rules for girls and boys. There are even special calculators - they will show how much your baby should gain per month and weigh in the end. The main advantage of such utilities is to take into account the growth of the infant and its initial data.

Nevertheless, there are certain rulesweight gain. The main breakthrough should be observed in the first months of the baby’s life. So, in 30 days over half a year, the child gains 800-900 grams, and then up to a year - 400. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Small errors are allowed. But severe deviations usually cause panic and parental fears.


Now I understand exactly how much the child shouldgain weight by month. But there is one more reason why this may cause problems. If the baby is gaining weight well, then there is a sharp shortage, since 4 months, pay attention to the supplements. It may be entered incorrectly. Because of this, the food is worse absorbed. And, as a result, there are problems with weight.

an infant gains weight poorly

To exclude this phenomenon, firstApply the baby briefly to the breast (milk improves the absorption of food), then let's feed in small quantities. This is how you can eliminate digestive disorders.

Generally, if your baby has no problemswith the intestines, he gets enough milk, but still suffers from a lack of weight, do not panic. It has already been said that this phenomenon can be inherited. Therefore, it is not always necessary to sound the alarm if the child does not gain weight.

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