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Comfortable dryer "Liana" - advantages and installation

Very efficient and convenient dryer device"Liana" is needed by almost every hostess. What are the advantages of this device and is it difficult to install it? Here are the main questions that arise before buying this product. This dryer occupies very little space, and the amount of laundry that can be hung on it is simply amazing.

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Advantages of ceiling fixtures

Most future buyers are intimidated by externalbrittleness of the structure. But the dryer liana is easily able to withstand the weight of wet, but squeezed in the washing machine duvet covers or heavy, bulky sweaters. This device has a number of undeniable advantages over traditional linen ropes:

  1. Dryer ceiling "Liana" allows you to lowerstick for hanging at exactly the level that is most comfortable for the growth of the hostess. There is no longer any need to stand on a dangerous stool on the balcony.
  2. The linen is dried much higher than with ordinary hangings on ropes, so there is no problem of staining the floor of long things.
  3. If the dryer "Liana" is suspended in the bathroom, its sticks will not interfere with walking, cleaning or bathing.
  4. The standard model, with a length of 1.7 m, has five sticks. At the same time, you can hang on it two laundry tabs of the usual three-kilogram machine load.
  5. The kit includes special cross bars, their twoItems on which you can comfortably dry knitwear in a horizontal position. To use this function, all sticks must be set to the same height. Otherwise, the crossbeams will not be able to secure the received structure.
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Clothes dryer "Liana" - installation

In order to hang the device, you needchoose the place where it will be installed - on the balcony, in the bathroom or on the loggia. In the ceiling it is necessary to make a hole with a perforator or a conventional drill. That the dust and plaster during work did not fall in eyes, it is possible to attach to a punch a small funnel from a wire, with the polyethylene wound on it.

dryer for liana installation

Further, it is necessary to measure the length of the rod-rodsDryers and fix special brackets, equipped with rollers. Screws are required to screw the parts, but all the necessary elements are included, so do not worry about quick assembly. The distance between the rollers should be equal to the length of the rod-sticks. The fixing bracket is mounted side by side on the wall at a height of 1.2-1.5 m. The holes in the wall are made with the same drill or perforator, and the screws will not let the structure fall even at high loads. Cords are very carefully passed through the rollers of brackets. To securely fix the limit positions of the dryer sticks, it is necessary to fix both cords in special plastic caps.

Before the first use, each rodwipe with warm soapy water to protect your family from bacteria that could get on the device during transportation and storage in the warehouse. Drier Liana has two convenient positions for hanging and removing laundry, which allows using this device even for children.

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