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Dish washer: varieties

A dishwasher is needed by everyone. We are accustomed to using it, especially without thinking about what kind of brilliant invention it is. It contributes not only to the rapid drying of cymbals and other devices, which we use several times a day. This clever device also allows you to keep utensils of the first need always at hand. Kitchen dish dryers, thanks in most cases to a pleasant design, can even decorate your kitchen.

We offer to plunge into the incredibly exciting and diverse world of kitchen dryers.

Separation of models of dish dryers most oftenoccurs by the way they are installed. Known dryers for dishes, as: hinged, on the sink, wall, in the cabinet. Drawing on these basic characteristics, designers sometimes invent very convenient and original variants.

Suspended structure

Hanging dryer

The hinged structure is quite commonin the kitchen. Fastening it is made on the wall in an easy-to-use place. It is possible to place such drying in the cupboard. It should fit the size of the dryer. Using this type of fastening, do not forget about some restrictions on the weight that such a design can endure.

My - dry

Steel drier

Dryer for dishes - troflex is installed inone plane with the upper level of the sink. When you need to dry the dishes, this device is simply put on the sink. And already on it are placed items for drying. This type of dryer is most often made of metal materials. It can be in the form of a grid and in the form of steel gratings. But you can buy a more expensive option - a dryer made of wood.

Troflex of plastic is also a good idea. Such a dish dryer is available to any category of housewives. From the advantages of this model - an additional pleasant bonus in the form of a perfect place for washing and drying fruits and vegetables. The flat surface successfully enters almost any design of the kitchen. From the disadvantages of such a dishwasher - closing the sink during washing. Although there are options that cover only part of the sink.

Dishwasher in the cupboard

Dryer in the closet

It is built in kitchen furniture. The headset may be located in the lower pedestals or in the hinged ones. Such models of dryers are quite roomy. Well suited for large and friendly families. Most often these models have two levels for dishes. Traditionally, one level is offered for tea cups, and the second is for plates and other accessories.

Variants of built-in dryers can be supplied andadditional shelves, for drying glasses for example. This kind is good because it can dry a very large number of dishes at a time. Closed cupboards will protect clean kitchen utensils from dust. The water in this drying flows into a special tray placed under the grilles. To save from excessive moisture in this place, it is better to first drain the water before using it, using, for example, a table-top dish dryer with a pallet. And for greater confidence that your headset does not deteriorate from dampness, you can provide the cabinet with additional ventilation in the form of drilled holes.


A tableware dryer is installed on theany suitable surface near the place where this dish is washed. Most often it is, of course, a countertop near the sink. Such a variety can also have many tiers for placing dishes. Some models are supplemented with compartments for instruments. There are folding variants of table dryers, if necessary, they can be folded and removed from the eyes. There are also stationary drying for dishes, with which this is not done. Choosing this accessory for the kitchen, think well of the design and functionality. This device will always be in the field of view, so you need to select it under the general style and color scheme of the kitchen.

Pay attention to the material from which the dryer is created

The materials from which the dryers are made, oftencollide with water and high humidity. Therefore, they must have excellent water-repellent properties. The cabinet and additional accessories for dryers for the kitchen are made from:

  1. Steel, protected from fatal corrosion in a certain way. It can be enamel coating and chrome plating.
  2. Stainless steel. Durable beautiful reliable version of the dish dryer. The truth is more expensive than the first option, but you do not have to worry about chips and scratches, which lead to complete uselessness of the device.
  3. Drying from plastic materials can havequite bright and spectacular design. Desktop cheap models are made of plastic of different colors. They are not very strong and are not suitable for a large number of kitchen utensils. Of plastic mainly produced pallets for most types of dryers.
  4. Wooden models are deservedly considered elitea ruler of drying for utensils. Well-treated and protected from the damaging drops of moisture drying from wood will complement the kitchen, decorated in the style of Provence, eco-style and country style. Before placing your dishes in a wooden dryer, it should be dried additionally on any other kind of drying.
On the sink

Spread out the rug for ... utensils

With the arrival of our houses and kitchens of differentsilicone products it became possible to replace the dryer with a comfortable mat made of this material. Silicone mat is easy to use: spread out during washing dishes near the sink, place your washed plates and mugs, wait for a while until the water comes off the dishes, and remove it into the cabinet. Then remove the rug from the eyes. Although, if he takes up very little space and is not at all annoyed by his presence, you can leave it.

Silicone mat

Rugs are divided into two types:

  • Rubber, silicone or plastic versionThe rug is provided with a ribbed or embossed surface. In these grooves, water rushes from the wet dishes. After you have placed the dried pottery in the cupboard, just draining the water from this rug, and it already dies.
  • To dry the dishes are also good formicrofiber cloth mats that absorb moisture. A mat that absorbs moisture will not let dampness get on the countertop and spoil it. Microfiber is famous for its practicality, it easily withstands washing, does not lose its softness and is also durable.
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