/ When is the International Olympic Day? We'll find out!

When is the International Olympic Day? We'll find out!

In 1894, a congress was held in Paris, wherediscussed the problems of physical education. June 23 decided to revive the Olympic movement, so the international Olympic Day is celebrated on the 23rd day of the first summer month. Representatives of twelve countries established the Olympic Committee, and the first games were held after 2 years in Greece.

International Olympic Day
How to celebrate

On this day in cities around the world,sports competitions on the run. Everyone can participate in the race. Also on the international Olympic day there are various competitions for children, relay races. Outstanding participants in sports events are awarded with certificates, valuable gifts, prizes.

History of the origin of games

With the advent of the Olympic Games, manyof legends. Historians believe that the first games began to take place in ancient times. Then the ancient Greek states constantly fought, and their rulers decided once every four years to organize competitions - "rest." During the games, any military actions were banned, but the ban was sometimes violated.

International Olympic Day in those daysincluded competitions in running for different distances, wrestling, fistfight, discus throwing, racing chariots. Representatives of the weaker sex were forbidden not only to participate in games, but even to attend them.

The winners were awarded with symbolic prizes: a palm branch and an olive wreath. When returning to the homeland, the champion was awarded the highest privileges and was considered a "demigod". Honor and respect in ancient times were higher than material wealth.

International Olympic Day 2013
International Olympic Day and Politics

Politics in the competition was present in the hiddenform. In the second century BC, just after Rome conquered the Greek states, it began to look much stronger. So, Nero became the champion in the race of chariots because everyone was afraid of a powerful ruler.

In 394 the Games were banned, and Olympia stoppedits existence. Only in 14 centuries the town was dug up by archaeologists. Then there was talk about the revival of the Olympic Games. They were again confirmed on June 23rd.

International Olympic Day now is notonly games, but also politics. The Olympic Games are considered a symbol of prestige, they are held even if there is no money in the budget for their conduct. It happened, for example, in 1896 in Athens.

When in 1952 the Great Arena was releasedRussia, the games have acquired a vivid political color: the United States and Russia began to compete in the number of medals won, the sport subordinated to state interests.

June 23 International Olympic Day
Holiday in 2013

Flag with five interlaced ringssymbolize the unity of the parts of the world and emphasize the national character of games. The winners now receive not symbolic prizes, but cash awards, medals. In the first games, 241 athletes participated, with each year they became more and more. For example, in 2004, 11 thousand people took part in Athens.

International Olympic Day 2013 has passed 23June. As always, power structures and individual organizations arranged races and competitions. After all, the main task of the Olympic movement is the sports education of the youth in the spirit of friendship, mutual assistance and mutual understanding. This approach contributes to creating a calm environment in the state and throughout the world.

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