/ How to dress for Halloween?

How to dress for Halloween?

The tradition to celebrate Halloween came to us from the West. This holiday is celebrated in the autumn, on the eve of All Saints Day. On this day, all the celebrants put on awesome outfits and take to the streets to scare away the evil spirit. What should be the clothes for Halloween?

Many do not know which one to choose a costume, inwhat a mystical monster to change. How to dress for Halloween, your fantasy will tell you, and, of course, our recommendations. An obligatory condition for solving the problem of how to dress for Halloween is the presence in the image of bright external signs of otherworldly forces, whether evil spirits, spirits or saints.

The second rule when choosing a costume isfull-value attire. That is, in your image there should not be any half measures or separate elements. It is very important that your image meets the upcoming gay holiday. And for this one suit is too little. Take care also of your makeup, hair and accessories.

Where to find a suit on the eve of the upcomingholiday, how to dress for Halloween? Nowadays, although it is not difficult to choose a ready-made suit in specialized stores or on the Internet, manual work is always appreciated, as it is always more creative and unusual than the costume purchased in the store.

Halloween can also be reincarnated as afabulous mythical character. But in this case, do everything possible to ensure that your image matches the description of the character chosen by you.

In whom exactly can you be reincarnated onHalloween? Classics of the genre are all known witches. This option is a win-win, as every woman in the shower is to some extent close to this image. Reincarnated in a witch, the girl feels how hidden potentials and opportunities unfold in her. The main accessories for the witch are a pointed hat, a broom, a staff and a magic wand. Also do not forget about the appropriate make-up and hairstyle.

But how to dress for Halloween, if you arecategorically against the manifestation of his image in evil forces? Change into a kind and gullible Little Red Riding Hood. This image, grown fond of everything since childhood, is easily recognizable, and it is not difficult to reincarnate in Little Red Riding Hood. In addition, you do not have to puzzle over how to dress for Halloween and where to find the right suit. It will be enough to look into the wardrobe of any fashionista. For the costume you need a black miniskirt, a corset and a white blouse. Still need a red cap. This is the only piece of clothing that is not in the women's wardrobe. But it's easy enough to make the most out of a piece of any red fabric.

Well, for lovers of pathos and glamor,image of the princess. In this image, it is possible to realize many things: a deep neckline, a lush skirt and a lot of various ornaments will make your image memorable and unusual.

If you still do not know what to wear onHalloween, we present to you non-standard costumes. Choose your favorite character from classic fairy tales, and create your own unique image of this character the way you see it. And it is not necessary that this was the main character and everyone recognized him. You can change, for example, the Mad Hatter from the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland", or, if you celebrate this holiday with your couple, change into a blind cat Basilio and fox Alice from the tale "Buratino". This outfit will not only be unusual, but also very appropriate.

Especially for those who want to celebrate Halloweentogether, in a romantic atmosphere and at the same time does not know how to dress for Halloween, modern fashion designers annually create collections of special erotic costumes for Halloween. With such a suit, you will surely please and pleasantly surprise your companion. Awesome Halloween!

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