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Vase Chinese - a beautiful interior decoration

Some people perceive vases as souvenirs,gifts for anniversaries or ordinary coasters for flowers. But there are those who have good taste and are sure that vases are created in order to bring to the interior elements of brilliance and perfection. The best thing for this is a Chinese vase.

vase Chinese

A bit of history

Since ancient times, people wanted to make their homenot only safe and warm, but also comfortable, harmonious and cozy. A considerable role in this has been played for many centuries by Chinese outdoor vases. They can be made of different materials - marble, porcelain, ceramics and glass. Even in ancient world cultures, vases have been used quite widely, and still remain in demand elements of modern decor. For example, in the 18th century, an outdoor vase was often used to decorate a noble house - porcelain Chinese attributes were and remain the detail that meets the notions of the prestige of court etiquette. Later, there were beautiful and elegant, but less valuable ceramic vases.

Regardless of religion and culture, both poor and rich people decorated their home with these elegant objects. The Chinese vase was often compared with a female silhouette.

Chinese outdoor vases

Big choice

To date, the interior is verymany fashionable stylistic trends, and of course, for each of them there are accessories, including vases. The interior, which, for example, is tied to the eastern style, does not dispense with such details as the Chinese vase. Like the ornamental vessels of other cultures, the design of Chinese containers is an image consisting of traditional representations of the people. Often the images on the products tell of beauty, happiness and love. Sometimes a vase of Chinese is decorated with stories that talk about friendship or contain symbols of health and high position in the society of the owner of the interior. Tiger, elephant or dragon also in most cases are present on the frescoes of these accessories - such plots symbolize the power and power that will be given to the possessor of such an item. According to the wise and ancient theory of harmony - feng shui, a certain symbol or figure is quite capable to change our life for the better.

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Floor Vases

For a long time already in the decoration of a modern houseuse floor options. Usually they reach a height of forty to seventy centimeters. Put a smaller vase on the floor is not worth it. It is better to apply them, placing them on a low locker or shelf. Very well on the floor will look like a vase of Chinese with a coarse texture and a slightly matte shade. Such an element will perfectly fit into the interior with a shiny parquet or soft carpet pile. You need to place the floor vases near the armchair, in the spaces between the furniture, if there is enough space and the object will not be clamped in a narrow space. Also very good vase Chinese porcelain will look in the corner of the room or at the window on the background of a wide curtain that will cover the entire wall from ceiling to floor. But it is important that the color and texture of the object is in harmony with the decor of the room. In case you have a colorful carpet in the room or there is a dark decorative fabric, it will ideally look like a vase with a list of soft, soft tones. But for a room with light furniture and light curtains - a beautiful contrast will create a vase, made in black or densely red. In every house, apartment or office, a decorative accessory will serve as such an accessory. In the vase you can put a luxurious bouquet of living or artificial flowers.

Vases in the interior

In a tightly furnished and small rooman outdoor vase will not look very good, but it will successfully decorate a spacious room with a minimal set of furniture. In small rooms it is better to put decorative Chinese porcelain vases. If these items are placed on bookshelves so that they do not obscure books, then such an ornament will be very appropriate. In a limited and dark space, the silhouette is most evident, and not the painting or color, so for such cases it is better to choose vases with a clear outline. For a small table fit small vases, but on the dining table you need to pick up one large vase with fruit or flowers. On the coffee table, which is lower compared to others, the round and small or tall, but narrow vase looks great. There is one more nuance: you should not have a vase symmetrically, on the contrary - a chaotic order will add variety to the composition. The wide ceramic vase combined with the narrow and high vase looks great, which can be decorated with a large sink or ceramic candlestick.

outdoor porcelain china vase

Now very popularChinese porcelain vases of geometric shapes. Such models provide ample opportunities for flying fantasy. The technique of decorating or painting such products is different - it can be sea shells, moss-covered balls and even dry petals of flowers. All elements are located on the outside of the vase and can decorate any interior. In order for the room, house or study room to be peaceful and give a tangible pleasure from its contemplation, one should creatively approach, among other things, the choice and arrangement of vases. Before you buy any collection of Chinese vases, ask yourself the following questions: "How will it look against the background of other elements of the decor?"; "Where will the product stand and will the size of the room provide the vase with the winning position it deserves?"

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