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What should be a good performance for children?

Is it worthwhile to lead a modern child to the theater? The question is not idle. Our children are much less like us than we are with our parents. They know a lot more than we are at their age. They are accustomed to consuming huge amounts of information - bright, fast, saturated, straightforward. Can they give it to the theater? No. Is it necessary that the theater give them this? Also no. "The difference between cinema and theater is that you are watching the theater and you are shown in the cinema," said the famous director A. Adabashyan in an interview.

play for children

Coming to the theater, the child looks, empathizes,participates in the action. The performance for children is very often built in such a way as to involve small viewers in what is happening on stage. They are addressed by heroes, ask questions, ask to drown or clap. At the same time, pauses are made (which is not on television and in cartoons), during which it becomes possible to realize what is happening.

A children's play? It is interesting!

What should be the play for the children to cause the desire to come back to the theater again and again?

First and foremost - it should be interesting andunderstandable. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the age of the audience on which the production is intended. Performance for children 6-7 years will be difficult and uninteresting for three-year-olds. Not to mention the teenagers who all these "Teremki" and "Princesses on a pea" do not need for nothing. And the smallest spectators, on the contrary, it is better to lead to the production of a familiar and preferably favorite fairy tale.

Musical performances for children moreare universal, because they use more visual means: music, dances, bright costumes and scenery. The age group of viewers for them can be expanded, for example, from 3 to 10 years.

Shine Christmas tree!
New Year's performances for children

Apart from theatrical performances areNew Year's performances for children. This is a special genre that has its own laws. New Year's performance must certainly be fun, colorful and musical. It usually has magic, intrigue and a happy ending with songs and dances around the Christmas tree. Children prepare in advance for a hike to a festive performance: they wear carnival costumes or their best outfits, learn poems, songs. Therefore, directors and actors try to do everything possible and impossible to preserve this joy in the soul of the child: include dance and circus performances, light special effects, skaters performances and so on.

Theatrical performance involving children

Another opportunity to have a great time in"Theatrical mode" - to stage a play for children with the participation of the children themselves. Since we remembered about the New Year and Christmas, we note that these holidays provide an excellent opportunity to awaken in the children actor's talent.

musical performances for children

The plot should be simple and recognizable, especiallyif the "artists" do not go to school yet. In addition, in this setting, you need to take into account several points. It is desirable to choose a scenario that will allow everyone to participate. Heroes should not have too many words, because children are worried, tired. It is necessary to think over costumes or at least attributes specific to specific characters (Little Red Riding Hood - in a hat, apron and a basket, Cat - with ears, paws and tail, Gnome - in a pointed cap, etc.). Children like to change clothes, and in a suit it will be easier for them to get used to the role.

And most importantly - do not treat thisthe event is too serious: exhausting rehearsals, irritation and pressure of an adult "director" - all this will give rise to fatigue and nervousness, but not a festive mood and joy of creativity. More praise and encourage children, joke and enjoy the process yourself. Then your performance will pass on "hurray": artists and spectators will have a great time and will be happy to ever repeat it again.

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