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Drying for linen wall: simple and ergonomic

Most of us dry washed laundry orwet towels immediately in the bathroom. But the space here is limited, so you have to go to the tricks to make it to the maximum functional and convenient. So, it is possible to significantly save space by drying for laundry. Wall or sliding, ceiling or rope - any of these options is perfect for this room.

drying clothes for wall

What to consider when choosing?

First, the installation site plays a big role. If there is enough space in the bathroom, floor construction can be installed. But since most of these rooms are initially planned almost tiny, the optimum is drying for linen wall. Secondly, it is necessary to take into account, from what material the structure is made. It is clear that aluminum products will cost less compared to steel analogues. But, on the other hand, it should be understood that the dryer will constantly contact wet things, so it should be of high quality. Third, the amount of laundry that plays periodically will also play a role. It is clear that to dry the wet towels will completely come down and drying for linen wall. But if you erase often and a lot, then you should choose a floor structure - more powerful and spacious.

How does the mount work?

Most modern manufacturers offerDryers that are easy to use and install. For example, a liana for drying linen wall is the most successful design, as it perfectly saves space and at the same time allows you to dry a lot of things. To install such a drying, you do not have to exert much effort, and if necessary, it can always be assembled.

dryer for wall-mounted sliding table

Another ideal option for compact bathroomsrooms - dryer for washing wall-mounted sliding. It is easily fastened, parted, when you need to hang a lot of linen, and then just as easily assembled. Fastening of the majority of such constructions is carried out by means of anchor bolts.

liana for drying linen wall

Other varieties

Drying for linen wall can also be selected forbalcony - it can be attached both inside the balcony and outside it. As a rule, it is equipped with rollers, which makes it easy to hang clothes, that is, you can stand in one place and just scroll the rope. Another compact, easy-to-use and inexpensive solution is a drum-type inertial dryer. The rope is wound around a rope, the body of such a construction is fixed to one wall, while the hooks are mounted on the opposite wall. When you need to hang clothes, the latch is removed and the rope is pulled out. When you need to collect the drying, the rack is removed from the hook, and the rope is automatically assembled into the drum.

Which manufacturer should I prefer?

Today, a huge selection of drying - wall,floor, ceiling - it is offered by many companies-manufacturers. The main thing is to determine the size of the structure and install it correctly. As for the most popular brands, they can include Gimi, Lift, Hausmann. The cost of construction - from 500 rubles for the most simple and compact model.

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