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An instructive tale for children. The meaning of fairy tale therapy in education

What child does not like fairy tales ?! Most children are happy to listen to wonderful and entertaining stories that adults tell or read to them. Therefore, an instructive tale for children is the most important means of their reliable and wise upbringing. Let's talk today about such stories and their significance in the life of each child.

What is skazkoterapiya?

Tale therapy is called one of the sections of psychotherapy, which is aimed at the formation and maintenance of psychological health of children.

This section of science is based onthe assumption that a fairy tale contributes to the formation of a correct picture of the child's world, so it is so important for kids. An instructive tale for children becomes an example of correct behavior in society and teaches the first communication skills.

Fairy tale therapy suggests that in working with childrenYou can use fairy tales of various kinds: as artistic, written by well-known authors especially for a young audience, and correctional ones created by psychotherapists for the request of a specific child and describing his uneasy life situation.

Let's consider some specially created fairy tales, which can be attributed to the genre of instructive stories.

an instructive tale for children

Instructive tales for crumbs

Instructive tales for children 3 years suggestThe presence of a hero in something very similar to your child. For example, this hero does not want to go to kindergarten, because he is afraid of an unfamiliar collective, strangers, afraid to stay for a long time alone without a mother, etc.

The hero is given a name, and then tells the story of his life, which involves overcoming his own problems and a happy ending.

Such a fairy tale can be used to solve the difficulties of adapting a child to the conditions of a kindergarten.

If there is another problem, then you can alsocreatively beat in a fairy tale. For example, your child, coming to the toy store, begins to be capricious and ask to buy him everything, then you can create a story about such a boy or a girl-plax, which happened because of his or her whims some big troubles.

instructive tales for children 3 years old

Instructive tales for pupils of kindergartens

Instructive tales for children of 4 years in generalsimilar to similar stories that are offered for an earlier age. The only difference is that they are designed for a deeper perception of their child.

Here you can use both corrective tales and fairy tales written for children by famous writers.

Let us recall in this vein two short stories by L. N. Tolstoy, which were specially written for children: in the first story, the boy ate without any demand a plum, and his deception was unmasked by the fact that his father reminded him of the dangers of bones which can not be eaten; in the second story, a shepherd boy who lied and liked to laugh, laughed at adults and called them, imitating the attacks of wolves on the herd. When the wolves attacked the sheep really, adults did not believe him, and the predator destroyed all the sheep from the herd.

instructive tales for children 4 years old

Other writers can also find many such stories that will greatly help parents in the upbringing of their children.

An instructive tale for children, told by the mother or father, will be remembered for a long time by their child and will have a significant impact on his ideas about life.

The value of a fairy tale in the life of a baby

The meaning of fairy tales in the life of children is not to argueit is necessary. It is because of fairy tales that our children learn to live and understand the value of this life. Therefore, it is simply necessary to acquaint our kids with many fairy tales.

Let your library have Russian taleswriters such as Leo Tolstoy, AN Tolstoy, AS Pushkin, IS Aksakov, etc. Let there be a place for such great foreign storytellers as the Brothers Grimm, GH Andersen, S. Piero. Let there be books with fairy stories for the grown up children and collections with corrective fairy tales from which you can select the history that your child needs now.

instructive tales for children at night

An instructive tale for children is alwaysa fount of wisdom, beauty and love. So do not forget about the importance of thoughtful and deep family reading. Do not forget to read instructive tales to children for the night, because you teach them their lives and give them their parents' love, which is truly priceless.

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