/ How to choose diapers for a newborn?

How to choose the right diapers for a newborn?

Today, it is quite difficult for modern momsimagine life without disposable diapers. Few people know that the first of them arose in the middle of the 19th century. And to thank for this is worth two men, who are now known throughout the world. This is Procter and Gamble. And also for the name pampers, which is translated into Russian as "pampering, cherish". Such personal hygiene products do not only spoil the baby, but also his parents. Everyone has long forgotten about the endless washing of diapers and reusable diapers. Modern parents in the choice of disposable analogues give preference to a variety of manufacturers and are often called their diapers - in honor of the earliest specimens.

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We select a diaper for the baby

Diapers for the newborn should, first of all,correspond to its weight. The packaging always indicates this information, which allows you to make the right choice. Try to weight your baby was somewhere in the middle of the indicators indicated on the package. It is important to note the fact that Chinese, Japanese or Korean diapers are wider and shorter than, for example, European ones. Carefully look at the absorbent layer - it should be not only in the center, but also on the entire surface of the diaper. Some manufacturers put special strips, which are some kind of indicators.

We correctly use diapers

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Do not buy diapers for a newbornin advance. The weight that you were given during ultrasound may be very different from the actual one. Since the navel of the baby has not yet healed, it is better to choose not very high hygiene products that were produced in Japan or Korea. A kid who was just born has very little urination, so do not wait until the diaper is full. Change it every 4 hours or immediately after bowel movement. In the hot season, children often have sweat or intertrigo, so try to arrange for them air baths. Do not use diapers for the newborn that do not match its size. Small will press on the legs and tummy, thereby violating the blood supply. And the big ones will be very bad to protect the baby from leaks.

Which brand to give preference to

Pampers are the best diapers fornewborns. They have long won the confidence of most mothers. Today, there are many kinds, each of which corresponds to the peculiarities of a certain stage of the development of the child. So, New Baby is a special line for newborns, "Pampers Active Baby" is already worn by three-month-old kids, Let's Go panties are designed for grown-up children, the option for thrifty ones is Pampers Sleep & Play, etc.

Features of the company's products

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These diapers take into account all the featuresdevelopment of children in different stages of their life. There are models that can be safely used for premature babies. After all, they need special care and protection. Diapers for the newborn have a special inner layer, which prevents friction of the skin. The child does not feel the greenhouse effect at all, thanks to its specially breathing structure. "Pampers Premium Kea" has special cuffs and elastic band, which reliably protects against leaks. Children are happy to wear them thanks to a fun design. Special balm, which impregnated some models, gently cares for the baby's skin. The main thing is to choose diapers for the newborn individually, given its weight and condition of the navel.

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