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There is such a Romanov breed of sheep

The story of how Romanov'sthe breed of sheep is amazing and in some ways even amusing. Three centuries ago, in the city of Romanov-Borisoglebsk in Yaroslavl province, in the upper reaches of the Volga, there was a very developed fishery. Volga whitefish from here was delivered directly to the imperial court. However, only the inhabitants of the right bank, Borisoglebskaya Sloboda, were allowed to fish. What left to do left-bank, Romanov? And they somehow became famous for the fact that it was to them the local merchant brought for breeding two tribal sheep from Silesia. From crossing them with local animals, a unique Romanov breed of sheep was born.

romanian sheep


This is truly a universal breed - meat andwoolen at the same time. Sheep in live weight reach up to 70-100 kg, and sheep - up to 60-70 kg. The wool shaving for a year from one animal makes 2,5-3 kg. She at these sheep very beautiful and thin, protected from stalling by a rigid black awn. Color unusual: at birth lambs are completely black, gradually they lightens, dark limbs remain, muzzle and single spots on the body. The skeleton of the sheep is strong and large, while the head is dry and hooked - this is another sign of the purity of the species. The Romanov breed of sheep differs and fertility: for a year the uterus brings two litters, an average of 4-5 lambs. These animals are very economical in their content and are not fastidious in the feed. In the warm season they have enough walking in the open meadow, and in the winter - hay, straw, a little dry mixed fodder for the ewes - that's all the care. In addition, they are well established in any climatic zone, carry both heat and cold.


It is not only valuable fur

Because of the features of the wool cover romanovskayathe breed of sheep is also considered a fur coat (there is such a term). Leather and fur are highly valued in the production of natural sheepskin coats. Characteristically, the sheep's skin is much less weighty compared to other analogues, and therefore sheepskins from it are three times lighter than those imported from Turkey. The wool is quite stiff and at the same time silvery with curls at the ends, a unique gray-blue color, thanks to the dark undercoat. During the year, sheep breeders practice three haircuts. The best is considered to be a shaving with lambs from ten months. A beautiful, non-colorful color was always popular with peasants, and Yaroslavl artisans wore excellent gray felt boots out of Romanov's sheep's wool.

where to buy romanovskuyu breed of sheep

Tasty delicacy meat

The content of sheep Romanov breed is justified yetand the fact that they have a good weight, and their meat is unusually tender and tasty. Due to the rapid growth, lambs can be slaughtered on meat from six to seven months. Contrary to the established opinion, real dietary meat can be considered mutton. In the tissues of this animal contains a minimum of adrenaline, and interior fat is considered an excellent remedy for colds. And about the shish kebab from mutton meat you can not say, it is appreciated by all the gourmets. The only question is where to buy the Romanov breed of sheep. Most likely, in the same place where they are bred - in the Volga farms, in the same Romanov-Borisoglebsk. True, for several centuries the city lost its priority in breeding the breed, it spread all over the coast and beyond, in thirty regions of Russia and the CIS, and even became known in European countries.

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