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Sheep of Romanov breed with wool with a bluish tint

Sheep of Romanov breed
Sheep of the Romanov breed have a remarkablefertility and great strength. Genetically, they originated in Russia, but in a short time they became popular in many countries. In just five years, this species has spread even in North America.

Sheep of Romanov breed easily adapt to both cold and hot climate. They are exceptionally hardy and have high quality wool - better than the rest of the breed.

In addition, for each lambing of a sheep, three lambs are born, and sometimes their number reaches seven! Unlike the British and American, the sheep of the Romanov breed are genetically absolutely pure.

They are very attractive for beginnerslivestock farmers, because they do not require special care or high costs for the organization of the farm. Because of their quality thick sheepskin shed can not be heated even when the temperature drops to minus thirty degrees! Sheep is quite enough dry and lush straw litter. In the summer, the wool of romanovki gives the opportunity to keep the temperature throughout the day. To this day, no analogue has yet been found that can replace the sheepskin by its thermal stabilizing properties.

Romanovskaya sheep breed price

Another attractive feature of romanovki -this is their endurance, combined with the strength of the sheep and the survival of the lambs. The prolific sheep of the Romanov breed very easily give birth to offspring due to their thin skeleton and relatively light weight. Lambs immediately get up on their feet, so care is required only for a few minutes after birth.

The sheep romanovskaya (photographs are inarticle) is associated with a warm coat. It is bred very quickly. The breed is ideal for the accelerated development of farming. Young lambs reach puberty at three or four months old.

The sheep romanovskaya photo

Cutting sheep Romanov breed in a yearthree times: in March, June and October. At the sheep the output of wool can reach up to four kilograms. And the sheepskin is beautiful enough and has a bluish tinge. The sheep of the Romanov breed have a double coat of wool, consisting of awn and fluff, the latter growing much more intensively than awn.

Sheepskin is used in the textile industry, not only for shoes or clothes, but also for the production of carpets, blankets, pillows, yarns, and felt products.

Those who are engaged in cattle breeding, in one voicetalk about how profitable in the content of the Romanov breed of sheep. The price of wool is always consistently high. In addition, with normal nutrition at the rate of three hundred grams of grain and one kilogram of hay per day for each individual, the animal will reach a weight of fifty kilograms in just six months. However, many sheep breeders believe that it is more cost-effective to keep them until eleven months. In this case, the mass of the ram can reach eighty kilograms, and the net yield of meat reaches up to fifty percent.


From the sheep of the Romanov breed, skin is also obtained, characterized by lightness and great wear resistance.

Thus, from the farm, which contains novels, you can receive several popular products at once.

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