/ How to open a store from scratch?

How to open a store from scratch?

In order to open a store from scratch, you need to know a lot about running a similar business. Let's dwell on all the details of this difficult occupation.

open a store from scratch

1. What is the idea? This is the most important question. You need to find out if your product is needed for the consumer. Study carefully the competitors, determine the size of your store, the form of trade, or maybe you are planning to organize a trading network?

2. Potential buyer. Think about who will be going to your store, and can you interest them with your goods? Conduct a conversation with representatives of this target audience and see who lives nearby.

3. What is the range? Take a closer look at the products of competitors and make sure that they are in demand. Think about tenants, bank branches or an exchange office.

4. The financial side. Before opening a store from scratch, you need to think carefully about the business plan. Calculate your funds in advance, so you do not have to fire your employees.

5. The legal side. Think through the list of necessary documents, get a license and the main administrative document. Do not forget to confirm and approve all documentation.

6. What shall we call it? If you doubt that you can pick up a good name yourself, contact your future customers for help. Then they will come to you with pleasure.

7. Location. Before you create a store, you need to think about which area buyers will use it, and how convenient it is to get to it.

8. Choose a design. Think about how the building will look inside and out. Do not forget about the documents for outdoor advertising.

create a store

9. The room. Ask yourself if you want to build it yourself or just rent it. Do not forget about the back rooms. Make a parking lot, try to create a good impression about the store.

10. We select the equipment. In order to open a store from scratch, you need to order trade and technological equipment. It should be located in accordance with the area of ​​your room. Take care and convenience for the cashier.

11. We select suppliers. The main thing in this process is the price, the quality of the products, the location of the supplier, the performance of the firm, the schedule of deliveries.

12. Accounting of goods. Count how much you need a product, and how often it will be brought. Select the desired mode of transport. Be sure to insure the goods. Do not forget to place the goods in the warehouse correctly.

13. We prepare and post the goods. See how convenient it is located on the shelves. Do not close your product range with advertising.

create an online store from scratch
14. Staff. Before opening a store from scratch, carefully select personnel for yourself, as these people will depend on your profits.

15. Advertising. Try to make it informative so that people can immediately notice it.

16. Security. Take care of the anti-theft equipment, think through the video surveillance system and analyze the operations of the cashier.

Of course, if you decide to createonline store from scratch, then most of the items can be omitted. And the above information is only the basis for the successful development of your business. A solid foundation is half the future success.

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