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References of employees "Courier Service Express" about working conditions and salary

Today we will present our feedbackemployees "Courier Service Express" about their employer. This moment is extremely important for those who want to get a job here. After all, it is always useful to know which company you are applying to. Let's try to figure out what's here for what. Should I find a job in the Courier Service Express? Or is it better to stay away from this employer? Maybe he got into the "black list" of firms offering various vacancies for building a career? We all have to learn about all this.

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The first thing you should pay attention to isthat the feedback of the employees of the "Courier Service Express" often emphasize: you need your own machine to work. Working transport is provided, but preference is given to those who have their own.

Not very scary, but unpleasant. In principle, practice shows that "CSE" ("Courier Service Express") when applying for a job as a driver does offer its cars. Especially when it comes to oversized cargo and parcels. Among other things, often on work are accepted and foot couriers - to organize the delivery of small parcels to the house. In principle, so far nothing strange or frightening, right?


Also, the feedback of the employees of "Courier Service Express"They also emphasize that during the interview you will be offered several options for the work schedule. For students, it is possible to combine, as well as part-time.

In general, it is proposed to work 2/2 or 5/2. And the work time is about 12 hours - from 8 am and 8 pm. "Indulgences" are made only by foot couriers, of which not so much - the day of work lasts from 10:00 to 19:00.

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But, as practice shows, "Courier ServiceExpress (tracking of parcels, delivery of goods and other logistics services - that's their profile) violates this condition of the contract.There will be a lot of processing for you, and even after the working day you will have to fill out reports and other documentation.

Social guarantees

When employing the "Courier Service Express"(Moscow and other cities of Russia) promise that you will be given all social guarantees and rewards that are due. This method is very often used to attract new staff to work.

Numerous reviews of employees "Courier ServiceExpress, "they say the opposite: the point is that the social package will be provided to you, but not in full, although the documents will be formalized as if you" slander "the employer, which means that it is useless to complain about it.

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Problems arise with payments, andmaternity leave. If you are a girl who managed to get into the "Courier Service Express", then you have to postpone the planning of the child. Otherwise, you will simply be expelled from work. Or they will force you to resign at will, or you will find an article according to which you must vacate a vacancy. In principle, there is nothing to be surprised at. Such a scheme is used everywhere. And not only the "CSE". So, so far nothing special about this employer can not be said.

Holidays and sick leave

True, numerous reviews of employees "CourierService Express "repeatedly emphasize that vacation and sick leave will be given to you, although the payments are not that big, but it's better than not getting anything at all.

But in order to earn paid leaveyou will have to work for more than a year. Few people stay here for such a long time. But the hospital is always given. And the payments come exactly on time to the plastic card. So there is no deception. This makes me happy. Most companies do not provide officially paid holidays and sick leave.

However, if you are seriously ill, then you can simply be fired. For long omissions. Even if they were because of the sick. Consider this fact if you decide to find a job in the company.


"Courier Service Express" (tracking andtracking of parcels in Russia - the main direction of the organization) pays, as they assure at an interview only "white" salary. Yes, and the salary to you, as a courier, they promise not so little - about 15 000 rubles a month. It's tempting, is not it?

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Plus, all the reviews of employees "Courier ServiceExpress "emphasize that when people are employed, everyone is attracted by payments, bonuses, bonuses and other monetary rewards, which will be accrued on a monthly basis. But is this really so?

Not really. Practice has shown - at employment in the contract the salary in 10 000 rubles will be registered, and also the "black" salary is paid. That is, there are no guarantees that you will not be deceived. Nevertheless, many assure - if it is normal and conscientious to perform their duties, then no one will cut your earnings. How much work - so much and received. On the one hand, this is true. But on the other - there is some kind of deception with the company. This is the amount of salary. And this moment repels many potential applicants.

Plus, to the minuses of the organization you cancarry and permanent wage delays. Sometimes it may not be paid for several months. Numerous reviews of employees of the "Courier Service Express" state that most of the newcomers are employed in this company. Those who just need money and have nowhere else to go. But people with higher education try to keep away from this employer.

Fines and results

Penalties and punishment in "CSE" is not uncommon. But these events are encountered only when employees perform poorly the assigned tasks. The size of punishment for "Courier Service Express" (tracking of items, tracking parcels and other logistics services - this is the profile of the organization) is fixed. And no one will charge you multimillion penalties for small faults. In this regard, the company really showed itself as a good employer.

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And what is the conclusion from the wholesaid? "Courier Service Express" is a company that is suitable for employment and career start. But only those who are willing to work for days without rest. This is the only way to achieve success here. Many employees advise not to test themselves and stay away from "CSE". But, nevertheless, the turnover of staff has decreased recently. This employer is able to give at least some stability.

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