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"Alliance" (Moscow): employee feedback on the employer

Today we have to find out which LLC "Alliance"(Moscow) reviews employees earns. And anyway, what kind of organization is this. Only after that, the applicant will be able to make the right decision regarding employment in the company. Only employees are able to point out the pros and cons of the employer, which no one will report. The main thing is not to believe everything that is written. What does Alliance offer its competitors?


To begin with, it is worthwhile to understand which company is goingspeech. The activities of the employer for many play an extremely important role. LLC "Alliance" (Moscow) reviews employees of an ambiguous type for the nature of the services provided.

ooo alliance moscow staff reviews

This corporation is aagency. It selects employees for different firms. Therefore, we can say that "Alliance" is a universal employer. Some employees say that the activity of the recruitment agency is not in demand, is useless. Such sayings are rare.


OOO "Alliance Group" (Moscow) staff reviewsearns a variety. Among them there are both positive and negative opinions. Not the best reviews are published by employees regarding employment. Or rather, the registration of job applicants for work.

When finding employment in "Alliance", if you believesome subordinates, will have to work informally. The employment contract with the applicants is not signed. Some recommend that you require registration in accordance with established legislation. If you insist on official employment, then the "Alliance" will really lead everything according to the law. The resulting employment contract will help in case of problems with the employer.

But some opinions indicate thatthe organization of all its employees only formalizes. No informal work! After all, "Alliance" is an intermediary between various companies and competitors. The organization must necessarily work officially. Otherwise it would have been closed long ago!

About vacancies

OOO "Alliance" (Moscow) employee reviewsa positive type gets for the fact that the firm offers a really large selection of vacancies. It is noted that if you want you can pick up a job for every taste. Even as managers.

ooo alliance groups moscow staff reviews

"Alliance Group" LLC works with different companies. And therefore there are all kinds of vacancies from the employer. There is no one direction in which the corporation operates.

Quite often, the "Alliance" recruited staff forwork watches. However, like all other recruitment agencies. If a person wants to go to work, but a specific field of activity can not be named, the company studied will help in this.

About social guarantees

LLC "Alliance" (Moscow) reviews employees are not the most good for social guarantees, which are offered by the corporation. What do subordinates say about their employer in this field?

It is often emphasized that the "Alliance"initially offers good earnings and social guarantees in full. In practice, it turns out that the vacation is not paid to the staff. And to achieve hospitalization is extremely difficult. Payments are available, but in partial amounts. If you can achieve social guarantees, then the money for them will come with a big delay.

Such a situation suits very few people. And therefore, LLC "Alliance" (Moscow) receives negative reviews. Many even accuse the organization of fraud. It's not surprising to be surprised. After all, few people will be satisfied with the lack of social guarantees as such by the employer. Moreover, taking into account the fact that when employing both in "Alliance" and through it, a full social package is promised.

ooo chop alliance moscow staff reviews

About earnings

It is clear, what is received by LLC "Alliance" (Moscow)employee feedback. About the employer this is responded in different ways. Some say that the firm does help to find a job. And someone is dissatisfied with the cooperation with the corporation.

Earnings in the "Alliance" leaves much to be desired. If you believe numerous reviews, then initially the organization offers a completely "white" salary, as well as a high salary. And in any position. But in practice everything goes a little differently.

Employees emphasize that "Alliance" offersin fact, "gray" earnings. The salary here is low in all understandings. This applies to employment through a recruitment agency, and direct work in the Alliance. Because of this deception, social payments will also be scanty. For example, some say that they received vacation pay 12,000, while in other organizations employees receive payments of 50,000 rubles. And this is subject to similar salaries and positions.

Most subordinates say that not too muchit is good for earnings suitable LLC "Alliance". Moscow is a city in which many seek to earn a good living. And the employer being studied, as already said, is not suitable for such a goal. The official salary here is low, payments come with significant delays (about 10-15 days). It is impossible to say with certainty that the Alliance faithfully fulfills all obligations to its subordinates.

ooo alliance rental groups moscow staff reviews


Positive Feedback Studied Employerreceives for the work team. Not always, but very often. Employees say that the "Alliance" allows them to find jobs with friendly workers. Almost everywhere beginners help to get used. There is no particular competition, all are sympathetic and open. Just what some organizations lack.

Although some unfriendly individuals in LLC"Alliance" are available. From such situations, no one is immune. Usually, among the not very friendly people, chiefs and leaders are singled out. They are often referred to as unjust people who do not consider ordinary personnel for people. All this will have to be taken into account in finding a job.


LLC ChOP "Alliance" (Moscow) employee reviewsreceives a variety. The thing is that under such a name in the capital is a lot of different corporations. The employment agency "Alliance" is not an ideal employer. And what about the security company?

Same. The PSC "Alliance" receives ambiguous reviews of subordinates. Often not the best words are spoken about the employer. Someone complains about high demands, some complain about huge promises and low salaries in practice. The management of the PSC leaves much to be desired. We can say that this employer is no different from most firms. He is in the black list of employers in Moscow. Claims published in the address of "Alliance", template.

ooo alliance moscow

Rental Service

"Alliance Group Rental" (Moscow) reviews of employees, too, is not getting the best. This organization offers car rental services. Employees often complain about this employer.

As in all previous cases, the "Alliance"receives not the best opinions on the authorities, earnings and social package. Employment in the company is official, but in the rest of the claims a lot. "Alliance hire" can be found in the blacklist of employers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


LLC "Alliance" (Moscow) reviews employees receivesnot the best. Recruitment agency, like many companies with a similar name, can be found in the blacklist of employers of the Moscow region. All the negative, expressed in the address of the corporation, is not confirmed by anything. But at the same time he meets quite often.

ooo alliance moscow reviews of employees about the employer

Employment and in the "Alliance", and through it you can. The main thing is to take into account that this employer has shortcomings. You can not consider the firm to be 100% faithful.

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