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Company "Piteravto": feedback from employees about work and employer

Transport is one of those areas that is able to generate a large number of jobs, ensuring the constant employment of honest and responsible people.

The company "Piteravto", reviews of employees aboutwhich we will cite in this article, works just in the field of transportation (mostly we are talking about urban routes). It is in some ways the market leader, as it includes several legal entities - companies whose car fleet consists of more than 2 thousand vehicles.

About what the conditions of work in the holding, what is the employment in the company and what vacancies are open here, we will tell in this article.

General idea of ​​the holding

"Piteravto" employee feedback

As already noted above, "Piteravto" (reviewsemployees confirm this) is a large group, acting, as it can be understood by name, in St. Petersburg. Also the services of this group can be used also on the territory of the region (in the event that the transportation of passengers in this area is required).

The group's focus is onvarious bus routes. All equipment, which is in the fleet of vehicles "Piteravto", is designed specifically for performing tasks such as passenger transportation. The difference is only what buses are used in this or that case. If you believe the information from the official site of the group, the company has large (urban) vehicles, as well as small minibuses, the journey in which passes at the level of "comfort class".

The company, according to the network, is working todaymore than 5 thousand people of different specializations. Obviously, in the company, given this number of staff, there are always vacancies. About what professionals are missing in the company and who are looking for in the first place, read on.

In-demand vacancies

Piteravto reviews

It should be noted that on the official website"Piteravto" (employee feedback notes that this is very convenient, with which one can not disagree), there is a special section called "Vacancies". Here are published all the current currently available seats in the company, which is a set of suitable people.

If we independently go to the site "Piteravto"(feedback about this company we are interested in first), then we will see a list of specialties. All of them, of course, are connected with the transport sphere: workers of repair specialties, dispatchers and controllers, drivers and their assistants - all these and many other people are recruited to the company on a permanent basis. For a more convenient search, there is also an opportunity to separate the vacancies in the region, in which they are more relevant.

Thus, after seeing the position of interest,everyone can find out more in detail with her responsibilities and make a decision about herself: should I try my hand and submit a resume by e-mail, expecting a call from a group representative in the future, or simply ignore this opportunity.


"Piteravto" reviews of drivers

Read more in detail with the fact thatthe employer in the person of the company "Piteravto" (employee feedback can confirm this) puts as requirements for its employees, you can by clicking on the link of this or that vacancy. Information here is too different, due to what form a single portrait of the "ideal employee in the company" is quite difficult.

Nevertheless, we will try to sum up: many jobs require people who submit a questionnaire, responsibility, respect for others and a desire to work and study. Also here, judging by the information from the official site, the experience is valued: it must be no less than 2 years, depending on the specialty of the employee and the degree of responsibility that lies on it.


In addition to the conditions that the applicantsthe administration of "Piteravto", the reviews also mention those features related to employment in the company. In particular, it is a question of wages, a mode of work, and also a social package which the worker will receive.

"Piteravto" employee feedback

To better understand what is at stake, we will openone of the hottest vacancies - sales manager. A person who owns computer programs with at least 2 years of experience and possesses communication skills is offered a salary in the form of a fixed rate of 30 thousand rubles plus additional premiums for achieving a certain volume of sales. Thus, this employee can receive up to 80 thousand rubles a month, working 5 days a week. To fulfill their labor function a person will have to be in the central office of "Piteravto". Feedback on the employer from the employees of this company, which we managed to find, show that work on other vacancies has been built on the same model. The difference is only in the amounts of payment and the mode of work.

Reviews about the employer

reviews about the company "Piteravto"

Generally speaking of the recommendations leftemployees of the company, which we describe, we should note their diversity. There are reviews, when reading that, you might think that we are talking about some scammers, but not about the large transport company "Piteravto." Reviews of drivers, for example, report on delays in payment (various excuses aimed at delaying payments), negative attitude of the directorate to ordinary employees. On the other hand, several managers, some of whom have already left the company, write a positive description that the company values ​​those who are distinguished by conscientiousness and diligence. Thus, about the "Piteravto" reviews of employees are too far apart to give some kind of a single adequate assessment.

You can say this: for today the staff of the company has, as already mentioned, about 5 thousand people. Imagine the kind of resonance that would have happened in society if they really stopped giving out salaries. Without large-scale rallies, it would certainly not have been done. So, if you are interested in working at Piteravto, the testimonies that there are only scammers here who want to delay your salary, it is better to drop them right away.

work in "Piteravto" reviews

The atmosphere in the team

Pay attention, for example, to positiverecommendations about the team. There are many reviews indicating that the closest bosses, as well as direct colleagues (at least in the central office of the company) are nice people who are well-suited to applicants. This already leaves a positive trace in the soul of everyone who comes here at least with the questionnaire. Further work in such an atmosphere, of course, even more pleasant. Perhaps you will also be lucky, and you will quickly find new friends in the face of colleagues.

"Piteravto" comments about the employer


There are comments from former staff aboutThe fact that the salary is issued in envelopes to those who work for "Piteravto." The responses of drivers from different regional offices testify that they are charged with "black" wages, passing it by the mechanism of taxation. By this, the employer, of course, violates the labor laws, and such actions must undoubtedly be evaluated and punished.

However, it may be that such thingsthe leaders of the lower echelon are engaged, due to what these phenomena are not so massive, to yield to universal exposure. Again, if such a form of payment is offered to you, feel free to contact the labor protection authorities: they will help you there.


In general, however, reviews about the company "Piteravto" can becall positive. The negative aspects that were described in the reviews relate, first of all, to some one-time disagreements with which a new employee who has just come to work for a given enterprise may not be faced.

And the recipe for success here is extremely simple: work honestly and zealously, and you are necessarily waiting for advancement on a career ladder. Again, considering the size of the company and the complexity of working in it, working here, you can count not only on the invaluable experience and length of service, but also on some preferences from the authorities for special merits that will help further in the service.

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