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What kind of sheep are bred in Russia

For a beginner farmer who has chosen forits business is breeding sheep, it will be superfluous to learn that this type of farm animals gives a large variety of products. This meat, wool, milk, the latter is used for the production of popular dairy products: cheese, cottage cheese. As in other types of livestock, in this section of breeding animals there is a specialization. It is based on breeding them by breed. Consider the meat direction of sheep breeding.

There are both pure meat and mixed (meat-sebaceous and meat-wool) breed groups of animals. Breeds of sheep meat direction are highly productive in meat and fat. They are rather unpretentious to the climatic conditions and for a good yield only require adequate feeding. For this purpose, special feeding and fattening schemes have been developed. The first is grazing in pastures, and the second is a specialized feeding technique for fattening areas for meat and fat production.

sheep meat

What are the most popular meat breeds of sheep in Russia?

  • gissar;
  • romni march;
  • North Caucasian;
  • Romanovskaya;
  • Tajik;
  • texel;
  • the Edilbaev.

A brief description of them

Hissar - its representatives are large, speedtheir growth is high. The meat-fat production is related to animals, the weight of an adult male can reach 190 kg, and a kurduk - 45. Their fertility is average, they develop and increase the lamb's live weight quickly.

meat breeds of sheep in Russia
The sheep of the meat breed of the Romney march have pronounced body shapes, characteristic of the animal of this direction of sheep breeding. They also have good wool productivity (homogeneous crimped hair).

The North Caucasian breed of sheep produces meat, bacon and wool. They are characterized by precocity and excellent survival, and the mass of adult female individuals can be up to 60 kg.

Romanovskaya - a breed with excellent reproductive productivity: the female gives birth and feeds up to 6 lambs. In this case, it comes to hunting 2-3 times a year. The weight of an adult male reaches 90 kg.

Sheep of the Tajik breed, as well as the North Caucasian, produce three types of products. The weight of the male reaches 160 kg in particularly prominent individuals.

The sheep of the Texel meat breed are rather prolific animals, while the female has enough milk to feed the two lambs. The yield of meat from the carcass is high.

breeds of sheep meat direction
Edilbaevskaya sheep unpretentious, has good endurance, has a combined productivity with a slight bias towards the wool. The weight of the ram is up to 150-160 kg.

Why are meat sheep a good target for the development of their agricultural business? There are several reasons for this:

  • animals are undemanding to the conditions of maintenance and withstand low temperatures of the environment;
  • the weight gain per day is 300 g and can reach up to 600;
  • animals become sexually mature very early (precocious) - at 5-6 months;
  • meat sheep usually have a good reproductive ability, of course, this is beneficial;
  • meat products (lamb and lamb) are in demand among the population.
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