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Screen printing on T-shirts

Since now the creative and individuality in clothes is in fashion, there is a very good way of expressing oneself - drawing various drawings and inscriptions on it using the method screen printing. Many firms are now engaged in providingof this service. It is in demand both for the manifestation of the individuality of a particular person, and for uniforms of companies and companies, as well as for the application of various logos and well-known brands in the conduct of promo actions. With this approach to advertising, it is remembered much better.

The method of screen printing is to apply the paint immediately, without an intermediate layer, using manual, semi-automatic or automatic machines (this depends on the size of the print run). Such a T-shirt printing now in great demand. It makes it possible to fulfill orders of a large volume in a short time, up to 50,000 items per day. It is in the production of large runsthe cost price of these products is significantly reduced: the larger the order, the lower the costs, and this is a very attractive moment for customers, since it costs very cheaply and profitable.

With the direct printing method, the paint is applied toT-shirt through the stencil (hence the name) by punching. In this case, the effect of the dimensionality of the pattern is obtained. The paint is fixed under tunnel (forced) drying. To choose a suitable design for a T-shirt in a variety of colors that will look bright and colorful, you can go to the Internet and look there. You can sketch yourself, but it's best to contact the designers of the company involved in applying screen printing and get an exclusive design.

Thanks to their creative thinking, they cancreate original drawings and perform them qualitatively, and even the use of various special effects is possible. It can be the design of sequins of various shades (especially this method is attractive to the female), and also gold and silver. In addition, a thermal lift ("puff") can be performed. This type of printing will help make the drawing convex in the right places by applying a special paint composition, which after heat treatment increases in sizes from 2 to 5 mm and creates an interesting effect.

Drawing on the T-shirt a pattern using a stencilledprinting allows you to carry it for more than a year, even erasing it in the typewriter, as the drawing does not fade, it will not crack or erase. So this method consists of some pluses and deservedly enjoyed popularity and demand.

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