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Sheep of the Kuibyshev breed - the best choice for a profitable business and a household

Contain in sheep economy economicallyprofitable. Small capital investments and quick return make sheep breeding a competitive livestock sector. Sheep of Kuibyshev breed belongs to the group of meat-sheep direction of sheep breeding. The unpretentious domestic breed is characterized by high productivity and cheap content.

Sheep breeding

Sheep are universal animals capable of givingat once several kinds of production: meat, wool, milk and dairy products, skins. Small, hardy animals can be an excellent source of products for both a small private household and on an industrial scale.

Kuibyshev breed of sheep owners reviews

All breeds are classified according to economic criteria:

  • Thin-carriage. Animals are bred for the purpose of obtaining high quality meat and wool, thin, consisting of one fluff. Thin-carriage, in turn, are divided into:

- woolen, they include: merino, Grozny fine wool;

- woolly-meat represent the Caucasian fine-fleeced, Askanian fine-wool;

- meat-frying - prekos.

  • Half-chinned. Bred for high-quality meat and homogeneous semi-fine wool. A typical representative of this group is the sheep of the Kuibyshev breed. This includes Gorky, Georgian, Dagestan and others.
  • Fur Coats. The purpose of breeding is obtaining sheepskin. Such products of high quality can be given by Romanov's sheep.

romanian sheep

  • Lacy-faced. The main type of product is a pea-skin of a 1-3-day-old lamb. Karakul and Sokol.
  • Myasosalnye. Sheep are bred for fat and meat. The Edelbayev's Kurdyuk, Saradzhinsky, and Hissar are valued.
  • Mountain meat-wool-milk. The main mass is represented by local breeds of sheep of the North Caucasus. Universal in terms of productivity animals.
  • Meat is coarse. This group includes local animals without a pronounced specialization.

History of deducing

Sheep of Kuibyshev breed belongs to a large group of semi-fine-ridden animals. The history of breeding began in the Samara region in the 30-40 years of the last century on the collective farms of the Kuibyshev region.

Breeders used as a parent breed of coarse-wooled Cherkasy sheep. They were large in size, had a strong constitution and a satisfactory shave of long hair.

The breed of sheep romni march took part in the reproductive crossing. As an improving breed, she gave her descendants increased meat and wool qualities.


Description of breed:

  • the constitution is strong;
  • the body has a slightly elongated shape, barrel-shaped;
  • feet low, strong;
  • head wide, horns absent;
  • neck short;
  • withers muscular;
  • back and waist are broad and straight;
  • weight of sheep - up to 120 kg (maximum - 160 kg);
  • weight of sheep - up to 65 kg (maximum - 120 kg);
  • fertility reaches 130 lambs per 100 bright;
  • slaughter yield - 55%;
  • a sheep of Kuibyshev breed gives a haircut of up to 3 kg, in sheep it reaches 7 kg;
  • fineness of wool 50-56 quality, length - up to 17 cm.

With intensive fattening, animals gain weight to45 kg by the age of seven. For 1 kg of live weight, up to 6.5 feed units are expended. The breed is early-maturing, is bred in the Ulyanovsk, Kuibyshev, Tatar republic and other areas of the middle Russia.

sheep of Kuibyshev breed

One of the most profitable in all respects: maintenance, care, productivity, universality - the Kuibyshev breed of sheep. The owners' comments on sheep breeding in general and this breed specifically give hope for a revival of the unfairly forgotten livestock sector in Russia's private farms.

Sheep breeding in Russia

Huge territory of the Russian Federationcontributed to the creation of breed groups, adapted to certain conditions of detention. The breeds of sheep in Russia are regionalized according to climate conditions in different regions of the country.

In the Caucasus,universal meat-wool-milk: Tushinsky, Ossetian, balabas. They receive all kinds of sheep products. They are adapted for growing in high altitude conditions.

In the middle zone of the country, in the Non-Black Earth Zone, flesh-and-furs are very much in demand. Sheep of Kuibyshev breed and will provide its owner with first-class meat, and will enjoy a good haircut.

In the southern regions bordering on the countries of Central Asia, preference is given to meat-eating: Kurdyuk, Edelbayev breeds. In the same areas, another group of sheep is being bred - the lambs.

In the northern regions, the Romanov breed is bred. Natural "coat" allows them to easily withstand frosts down to -300 and give a magnificent sheepskin.


breeds of sheep in Russia

A very popular among Russian farmers is the Romanov breed. Here are a few of the main reasons why the Romanov sheep are so much in demand:

  • High fertility. From 20 queens you can get a whole flock of 110 heads per year.
  • Unwillingness to the conditions of detention. They can graze on the most meager pastures. In the koshar it is enough to lay a deep litter of straw, do not require additional heating.
  • Products in the form of sheepskin are considered the best in the world.
  • The yield of meat in the 11-month-old ram reaches 50% with a weight of 80 kg.
  • From one uterus for a year it is possible to milk up to 200 liters of milk.

The rapid increase in the number of livestock and low maintenance costs make it possible to say that this is the best option for beginning sheep breeders.

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