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What kind of sheep are known to us

The breeds of sheep are divided according to certain tasks according to the zoological and production systems.

The first type of classification was constructed according tocharacteristics of the tail and its length, rather than the size of the skull, as it does in other animals. The fact is that historically there was such a situation, in which the most significant differences between classes of sheep were displayed on the tail.

The length of the tail is not calculated in magnitude, but takes into account whether the tip of the tail reaches the hocks or is lowered.

As for the form, the quality feature is the presence of fat deposits along the length of the caudal vertebrae, as well as their appearance.

The rocks of zoological classification were first developed by the naturalist Pallas.

One of the types of this system are meatbreeds of sheep, named so by the number of meat-and-fat production. The main characteristic is that these sheep are well adapted to grazing all year round, regardless of the severity of natural conditions. If they are fed properly, they accumulate large fat reserves over the year, which are deposited around the root part of the tail. These fatty deposits of meat breeds of sheep are expended when colds, ice begin, and also in summer during the burning out of grass and interruptions with liquid.

As for Russia, today the number of sheep's meat breeds has decreased. The most common of these are the Romanov, the Edilbaev, the Texel sheep, and the Gissar and Jaidara.

Note that the Edilbaev breed of sheepcharacterized by a strong physique and developed fat deposits in the tail area. The main emphasis in the breeding of these sheep is that they receive high meat productivity. If you properly plant them, then you can do business on this. For example, the peculiarity of this breed of sheep is that it is necessary to increase the specific growth of the queens in the flock, because they add a gain to the entire herd. Then we note that lambs do not need to be restrained for more than 4-5 months because their growth rate is significantly reduced. Then their content simply becomes unprofitable.

If you determine the quality of the meat of this breed, then it should be noted that lamb meat is very popular, and the dishes from it in many countries are recognized as delicacies.

If a person starts sellingproducts, you need to make sure that the market has been adjusted for a long time. Many manufacturers are seeking to enter into long-term contracts to secure a stable income and to forecast the number of livestock so that the business is stable.

As for sheep breeding in the countries of the post-Soviet space, in particular, Russia, here there are about 60 breeds.

Those who do this know that for a successfulthe content of the herd must be met by territorial conditions. Recently, all breeds of sheep that are distributed in the country are grown exclusively as an industrial product, which requires certain investments. Therefore, to justify the corresponding costs can only be by keeping those of them that are then able to provide many types of products. As a result, new breeds are being introduced or improved already, in order to increase the level of production of wool, meat and increase the fertility of animals. Ptom very often used not only cultural, but also native species.

The matter is that such animals possess high resistance to diseases, therefore they can be grown not by territories with the most extreme conditions of habitation and grazing.

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