/ Group of companies "Auri". Employee feedback and comfort

Group of companies "Auri". Employee feedback and comfort

Group of companies "Auri", staff feedback aboutwhich we consider below, is presented as focused on the fast-growing markets and engaged in the manufacture of various metallurgical products. It has a safe and well-structured business structure, striving to meet international standards.

GC "Auri" focuses its funds on the implementation ofadvanced technologies into production, thereby making a significant contribution to the development of the Russian economy. As part of the group, one of the enterprises is engaged in the supply of cast products to various European companies.

Its main office is located in Moscow, but the corporation's branches are available throughout the country. One of the group's enterprises is the Balashikha Foundry and Mechanical Plant.

group of companies auri staff reviews

Positive feedback from employees about the group of companies "AURI"

It's time to discuss what people think about working in this company. Let's look at the positive moments that the group of companies "Auri" promises us.

Feedback from employees about it, in principle,ambiguous, and it is difficult to judge about the bad and good sides of their place of work. For example, some face problems, while others are simply delighted with the collective and leadership.

So what makes Aury different? A group of companies whose employee reviews are mostly negative, still can boast of positive aspects, such as pleasant staff, understanding leadership and developing business. All this can provide you with a career growth in this company. If you are an Armenian, then it will be much easier for you, because in the leadership, according to the staff, there are a lot of Armenians who do not always communicate with you in Russian.

Many admire the fact that in the GC "Auri"exceptionally white salary. It is worth noting that the company invests in priority business sectors, creating new projects and hiring personnel. Perhaps, on this all the positive side of the group of companies "Auri" ends.

auri group of companies employee reviews

Negative feedback from employees

Here the opinions of people are divided. And although someone says there are no minuses in the company and it's just wonderful there, the majority still actively agitates against work in this company. As negative features, former employees lead a regular delay in wages for 1-2 months, projecting, encouraging slowness, rudeness of personnel and suspicion of management.

Some complain about time delays anda bad atmosphere in the team. In addition, there is a risk that after the project for which people are hired will be completed, new employees will be dismissed.

Former staff complains about unprofitabilityalmost all projects that the group of companies "Auri" is starting. Staff feedback confirms that most of the projects here are unprofitable, which is why the personnel stay there for a long time.

employee feedback about the auric group of companies


So, we dare to say that the group of companies"Auri", feedback from employees about which in most cases are negative, is not the best place to work. However, if you read the entire article and understand that everything suits you - go for the interview safely. In any case, it is worth starting to think about everything well and think about before making any decision.

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