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Why it is necessary to install a preheater heater with your own hands and what is this device in general?

Pre-heater can be rightly calledone of the most useful inventions of our time. Despite the fact that this part brings great benefit to drivers, in Russia it is not very popular. In this article, we will examine what this "unknown" device really is, and find out its value.

self-heating preheater

Where is the engine preheater installed?

It is possible to install it with your own hands, but at the same timeIt is worth remembering that the installation of this part requires special skills and knowledge. And it is mounted in the engine compartment, and its exact location relative to the engine may vary depending on the type and brand of the car. If you are the owner of a modern "japonka" or "European", then installing the pre-heater by your own hands is easy, as the manufacturer himself prescribes the presence of a niche for this device.

Principle of operation

During installation, this part is connected to thecooling system, battery power, as well as to the fuel line. Preheater heater hydronic when interacting with these systems heats up gasoline (or diesel fuel), which increases the temperature of the coolant. The last element passes through the motor and the radiator.

engine preheating
After that, the temperature of these partssignificantly increases and at minus temperatures the driver gets a warm and warm car, as when heated, the stove will immediately give out warm air. How long is this process?

On average, in order to fully warm upchilled machine, you need to wait about 5-10 minutes. This is the time it takes to fully operate the pre-heater. With your hands, you do not need a part (unless you press buttons).

What are the costs for fuel?

Even the most powerful device will notmore than 500 milliliters of fuel per hour. It is not difficult to calculate what the savings will be in a week or two of the operation of this tool. As for the battery (with it, the heater is also interconnected), then for an hour it consumes 15 to 30 watts of energy.


At the moment the cost of such a devicevaries from 20 to 30 thousand rubles. It is necessary to give so much for the model from the world's European manufacturers. Domestic models are cheaper, but still their level of reliability and functionality leaves much to be desired. At the same time for the installation of the details (no matter what it will be produced), you need to pay in addition 10,000 to 15,000. But you can go the other way by installing the preheater heater with your hands in the car. Then you can save a lot on the service center and other services. Nevertheless, it is possible to install the preheating heater manually with your own hands only when you have fully verified its design and know the installation steps.

preheater heater hydronic

And finally I want to note that buying used equipmentparts (the way even they are of foreign production) is also very risky, so if you decide to purchase this accessory, do not skimp on it and do not trust the "left" producers.

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