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Engine preheater for diesel: price and reviews. How to make a pre-engine heater for a diesel engine with your own hands?

Any car owner wants his car to driveas long as possible. Means to achieve this goal use different. The first thing that should be done is proper driving. Secondly, they use high-quality fuel. In addition, it is extremely important and good oil with a suitable set of additives.

engine preheater for diesel engine

In addition to these major, other means are used,facultative. One of these is a pre-engine heater for a diesel engine. Thanks to him, it is possible not only to prolong the life of the engine, but also to warm up the cabin before people are planted in it.

general characteristics

The device can be a part ofcar alarm, and can be self-contained. Buying a separate device, it is better to give preference to reliable and well-known brands. Savings on it can negate the effort expended.

A diesel preheater for a diesel engine is made by many manufacturers, but with a wide variety of models, the following groups distinguish them:

  • working from the electrical network;
  • stand-alone devices;
  • separate types of devices for diesel engines.

Some automakers initiallyinstall appliances in cars. Of course, we are talking about those vehicles that are designed for operation in cold climates.


Heaters from the socket

Preheating heater, running fromelectricity, everyone can afford. The device is compact, and to run it you only need an outlet nearby. But if we talk about convenience, then car enthusiasts are waiting for some grief. After all, first of all there must be access to this very outlet.

While in the car parks it can not be found. But some car owners get out of position, feeding the machines by means of an extension cord from the outlet from the ground floor. And in the presence of a garage, this problem does not arise at all.


Electric pre-heating heaters for diesel can be built into the cylinder blocks. These are the simplest devices. The design includes only a heating element and a connecting cable.

There are no hoses and fastenings here. The main thing in detail is simplicity and reliability. The only inconvenience that can arise is prolonged heating. But as a result, there is an even distribution of heat, and the danger of boiling does not even arise.

electric pre-start heaters for diesel engine


Preheater can be left overnightincluded. Then the car in the morning will be well warmed up. Some devices have an additional convenient function in the form of a timer, which will also reduce power consumption.

Among the many products are very well known kits of the companies "Kalix" and "Defa", in which the basic device has the following elements:

  • heater;
  • cable;
  • forks.

Experts in this area recommend to buy morebase intermediate cable, through which the connector is displayed on the bumper. Then the engine preheater for diesel can be used with great comfort. Additional devices may also be the following:

  • Remote control;
  • recharging;
  • timer;
  • water pump;
  • fan heater for the cabin.

preheater for diesel engines

Most common models

Devices can be divided into those that are designed for our cars and for foreign cars. Of course, the latter will be much more expensive.

Among Russian block heatersstands out primarily "Homeless". It has a robust design and perfectly prepares the motor for start-up in our machines. Among the models of this manufacturer there are also compatible with foreign cars.

Preheater engine for diesel low power installed in the nozzles. The main difference in them is the body, which plays the role of an adapter. Device installation is extremely simple.

Remote preheaters havemost common in Russia. They are characterized by flexibility in installation. Installation is carried out in heating hoses, but it is also possible in the pipes. This is achieved by universal fasteners.

Such devices cut into the circuit, and the applicationhoses of the thin form makes them universal. Also indicative here is the power, comprising from 1 to 2 kW in passenger cars, and up to 3 kW - in trucks.

In the design of devices for multi-tonnage technology, among other things, there are:

  • adapter;
  • hoses;
  • thermostat;
  • mounts.

Accordingly, they will be harder to install than devices for cars.

preheater for diesel reviews

Other well-known manufacturing companyis "Severs-M". In addition to thermoregulation, the devices provide emergency shutdown if necessary. Additional ease of installation is achieved through a horizontal arrangement.

Fuel Heaters

The preheater for diesel engines can also run on fuel and be autonomous. Possible and the option of power from the onboard network. Then external sources for this will not be needed at all.

The design of these devices consists of:

  • combustion chambers;
  • sprayer;
  • pumps;
  • candles;
  • supercharger;
  • the pump.

In this case, all work is carried out automatically. Power devices up to 5 kW. They can easily be installed on engines with a volume of more than 2.5 liters.

diesel engine preheater Price

The engine and the interior will be fully heated in 40-50 minutes, and in order to start the engine safely, 20 minutes is enough.

A feature of the device is the ability to work even when the engine is off. But, as in all devices, there are flaws in them, consisting in high prices, as well as complex and expensive installation.

Installation depends on the configurationcontents under the hood. The price of individual heaters reaches 100-150 thousand rubles. But even such a high cost does not make the operation longer than in the standard version. Only timely diagnosis and cleaning will increase the service life.

To work effectively, the car must have an onboard network for both work and start.

It should also be borne in mind that during prolonged operation, the question of the need to replace the battery will soon arise. Therefore, it is desirable to select a mode where the battery can be easily recharged.

Among foreign manufacturers, the mostcommon are "Webasto" and "Hydronic". They have a pre-heater for a diesel engine, the price of which starts from 30 thousand rubles, is able to work without fail, even when the frost is more than 30 degrees. The companies are German, each of them produces models with their own design features.

Diesel Engine Preheater

Reviews of many diesel car ownersmotor boils down to the fact that this type of vehicle especially requires the described device. They will mainly prevent paraffin from hardening, which is present in considerable quantities in the fuel.

The pre-heater is charged from the battery, and when the engine is running - from the generator. This type of device can be divided into:

  • bandage;
  • flow;
  • tape;
  • in the form of nozzles.

Among the manufacturers of devices known company "Nomakon". Its instruments are extremely easy to install and highly reliable.

Homemade device

It is possible to make a pre-heater for a diesel engine with your own hands.

It is known that to start the system you need warm oil in the crankcase. Of course, it will be dangerous to heat it in an open fire. But you can make a simple design.

preheater engine diesel

A pipe is bent in two places in differentplanes. Three legs are welded to it and a nozzle is inserted. Thanks to the bends of an open fire here it is possible to avoid Placing the device under the crankcase, after twenty minutes you can hit the road, even in case of severe frosts.

Such a device is perfect for fans to hunt and go fishing in the winter. Such unpretentious designs in large quantities are sold in stores.

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