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VAZ 2107 injector has sunk into oblivion

For quite some time VAZ2107 headed the model range and was, as they say, the flagship. Then came the "nine", and the "Seven" lost its title. Since the beginning of production at the VAZ 2107, various engines have been installed, among which it was possible to meet 1.6 liters, 1.5, and sometimes even 1.3. As for the gearboxes, only 4 or 5-step mechanics were encountered here - as you know, classics on the machine does not exist in nature.

VAZ 2107 Injector

All of the above motors had a carburettorpower system, so their simplicity sometimes amazed. VAZ 2107 injector was launched by the plant in 2002. There is no carburetor, and fuel is supplied to each cylinder by means of injectors. The power supply system itself starts in the tank in which the high-pressure pump is installed. Next, gasoline enters the pipeline, through which it reaches the fine filter. The latter is tightly tightened with nuts, so air entry into the system is completely ruled out. It is thanks to this design that the VAZ 2107 injector is much more reliable than its carburetor predecessor.

Valve Adjustment VAZ 2107 Injector

But, despite this, the car maintenance is smallis different. For example, the adjustment of the valves VAZ 2107. Injector does not affect the operation of the gas distribution mechanism, so this procedure should not be forgotten. If it is not carried out in time, saddles form a deposit, which will inevitably lead to damage to the valve mechanism.

I must say, the former remained and malfunctions. Naturally, the wear of the details should be attributed to a separate group, but on "diseases" you can sharpen some attention. For example, a serious vulnerability to the front suspension. Its "sore spot" is generally considered ball bearings and silentblocks. Naturally, this is just one example, to which, after thinking, you can bring about a dozen more. But, despite this, designers need to pay tribute. The fact is that the VAZ 2107 injector does not cause trouble with its engine. Care of it is reduced to the timely replacement of oil and filter elements, as well as to some adjustment.

Engine VAZ 2107 Injector
The latest models of VAZ are equippedhydraulic compensators, therefore maintenance of the valve mechanism is excluded from this list. In general, there are advantages to choosing the VAZ 2107 engine. Injector actually becomes simply a pleasant addition to the whole car. Before 2006, it was possible to choose between an injector or a carburetor, and then the buyer of such a choice was deprived.

Among other things, it is worth notingcomparative popularity of this car. In Russia, many people who prefer the "classic" cars of foreign production, as well as models with front-wheel drive. So, except as the VAZ 2107 injector, they simply do not have options. And yet this excitement can be explained by the fact that the model was offered under the recycling program, and its price was the lowest among the VAZs. Whatever it was, but the Volzhsky Automobile Plant turned this production, and now the Lada Granta will be assembled on the same lines. The popularity of the latter is gaining momentum. Let's see if she can defeat the "Seven".

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