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Stove VAZ-2110: breakdown and troubleshooting

First, let's look at the designthe stove itself. The main component of this tool is the heater. This part is the unit responsible for preparing the air entering the cabin through the pipelines. On cars of the tenth family, the heater is located under the hood. Also, the VAZ-2110 stove does not dispense with a distributor, which delivers heated air to the inside of the car. It can be seen near the dashboard. Approximately so it looks outwardly:

oven VAZ 2110

Few people know, but when developing a "dozen" stoveVAZ-2110 was not borrowed from other models of cars, and was developed from scratch. It is marked as a heater of the series "2110-01". Its main difference is in the presence of an evaporator on the air conditioner. But despite the fact that in the development of engineers have paid much attention to this system, from its sudden breakdown is not insured by anyone. Below you will find solutions for troubleshooting for various problems.

The first malfunction encounteredmotorists, is the impossibility of adjusting the air temperature. In general, there can be several reasons for this. First, there may be malfunctions in the operation of the electronic control unit. Secondly, repair of the VAZ-2110 stove may be required due to a defective damper. But anyway, it is still necessary to solve the problem.

replacement of a radiator of a furnace VAZ 2110
In the event that the heater controller breaks down,the shutter opening command may not reach the instruments, so to solve the problem, check the air temperature sensor for problems. It is located near the ceiling light. To check its status, turn the temperature control lever from the left to the right position. In the case when the air starts to heat up only in the extreme zone (it is marked in red), we can say that the sensor is time to replace.

The second case is the elimination of breakdowns in theheater (signs - the impossibility of the entire heating system). If the source of all problems is the unit, then you may need to replace the radiator of the VAZ-2110. To check the state of the system, you need to remove the central deflectors. To do this, bend the "antennae" of the attachment and slide the flap by hand. Through the last part you can get to the source of faults. If the failure is confirmed, you can not do without replacing the radiator. And this is a very difficult process, since the entire VAZ-2110 is being disassembled. By the time it takes about one day off, and maybe more (it all depends on the experience of the owner).

repair of stove VAZ 2110

And the last malfunction that canarise during the operation of the "dozens", is the impossibility of supplying air with a fan. In simple words, this is the case when a small, barely noticeable head of air flows from the deflectors of the VAZ-2110. These signs indicate the failure of the gearmotor. The diagnosis is one - the stove is out of order. Repair there is nothing, you just need to replace the broken part, that is, a gearmotor. Only then the system will again deliver a good air pressure.

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