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Stels 250 Enduro: a brief overview of the motorcycle

In the domestic market there is a mass of motorcycles,whose names are unfamiliar to many. These iron horses are all looking for their popularity and their time. To such gaining fame, Moto can be attributed Stels 250 Enduro. It is still worth a closer look, because more often this model can be seen on the roads. Concern "Stealth" is just starting its work, so its success is just around the corner. Motorcycle Stels 250 Enduro, mainly due to its small price, will soon be able to displace the remaining models in the market. But so far, such radical changes have not happened, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of this unit, to learn its characteristics, positive and negative sides.


The history of the concern "Stealth" is quite fascinating. If you penetrate into it, you can find out that this company is a common Russian-Chinese project. The papers say one thing, but in fact everything is different. Still, the main party, as well as the producing country, is none other than China.

stels 250 enduro
It is in its territory are all the plantscompany, and it exports. But this is not so important. The main thing is the product itself. Concern "Stealth" is a start-up company, founded in the early 2000s. But for some reason there are not many working copies of the products. Of all models, the obvious superiority of the Stels 250 Enduro. It began to be produced in 2010. At first, sales did not go very well. But this can be explained: an unfamiliar, unchecked motorcycle always causes some caution, so new models are rarely taken. But, having established itself in the market, Stels 250 Enduro began to gain momentum, popularity began to grow. The glory of this motorcycle keeps to this day. And the proof of this is that "Stealth" is still being manufactured and sold.

Stels 250 Enduro: the photo does not deceive

For the positive side of this motorcycle, you canconsider the appearance. And it's true, with the design of this "horse" everything is in order. You can clearly distinguish the sports type: large wheels, streamlined shape and so on.

motorcycle stels 250 enduro
"Stealth 250 Enduro" can compete with manyfamous beauty of the motor world. A sharp fuel tank immediately catches your eye. It is as if put forward. "Enduro 250" has a characteristic for the sportbike feature, it does not have a rear fork. That is, the saddle hangs in the air.


Stels 250 Enduro has a very interesting name. But in fact there is nothing remarkable. Enduro is just a class of equipment to which this motorcycle belongs.

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Enduro - so called sports tales, whichparticipate in motorcycle races. They have their own characteristics. For example, a small mass. You can also select fairly tolerable characteristics of the engine. In general, Enduro combines everything you need for a sporty ride.

Stels 250 Enduro: instruction and specifications

In the instructions, or, as it is also called,technical passport, you can find many interesting things. For example, technical specifications. It is for them to make a general impression of the motorcycle. "Stealth 250 Enduro" has one unpleasant feature associated with its small mass. The bike itself weighs 155.5 kilograms, which in the two-wheeled world means little. From here a small lifting capacity emerges: only 130.9 kilograms. If you consider that the motorcycle is designed for two people, then you can calculate how much each rider should weigh. Leaves a little. In the analysis it is worth remembering about the most important thing that every vehicle has, about the engine. He has a "Stealth 250 Enduro" made in China. This gasoline engine has four cylinders, the total volume of which is approximately 256 cubic centimeters. Pretty good.

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The maximum power of the power unit, however,does not exceed 17 horsepower. However, to disperse this is enough. The disadvantage in power when speed dialing is not felt. The motorcycle goes smoothly, all the gears are switched qualitatively. "Stealth 250 Enduro" is equipped with a mechanical five-speed gearbox. It works like a clock, but there is only one minus: the bike does not have a back gear. It's not that it's a disaster, but in everyday use it's a flaw. The motorcycle is equipped with a non-contact ignition system. Therefore, the engine starts when one button is pressed. Fuel consumption for this motorcycle is small. For a hundred kilometers, he spends four liters of gasoline.

However, the "Stels Enduro 250" is a good motorcycle, which is already gaining popularity. It has everything you need for a budget bike.

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