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At the VAZ-2114 the stove is blowing cold air. What to do?

VAZ-2114 is the second generation of the legendary LadaSamara. " The machine got a new look, but did not get rid of the old problems. In particular, these are regular problems of the salon heater. It often happens that the VAZ-2114 oven blows cold air on the sides and on the windshield. Naturally, this problem should be addressed urgently before the onset of the first cold weather. So, let's look at why on the VAZ-2114 the stove is blowing cold air and how to solve this problem.


This is a kind of valve that forcescoolant to move in a large or small circle. It serves to quickly warm up the engine. But this part is also connected with the salon heater. While the thermostat does not open on the "big circle", the stove will be cold.

VAZ 2114 oven blows cold air on the sides and on the windshield
This problem is observed not only on the idlethe course. At the VAZ-2114, the stove is blowing cold air because of the unheated coolant. Along with this, the motor itself suffers, because it is not in its temperature regime. The most optimal figure is 80-90 degrees. If less, then the element opens ahead of time or stuck at all. In the latter case, it is subject only to replacement. The benefit of the new thermostat on "Samara" is inexpensive - about 300 rubles.

Air in the system

This is the second reason why the VAZ-2114 ovenblowing cold air. Also because of this problem, the motor itself can overheat. Where in the system can be air? The reason is an unauthorized "suction", which may occur during repair operations of the system. So, very often air gets when replacing the same thermostat or the heater's cock. How can I check for it in the system? First you should pay attention to the temperature sensor. But not always it gives an accurate result. The machine can also operate in normal mode, but at the same time there will be air in the radiator of the stove. How to identify it? It is enough to touch the rubber pipes that go to the heat exchanger. At VAZ-2114 they are on the right, on the passenger side. In total in the stove system there are two branch pipes.

VAZ 2114 The oven blows cold air at idle speed
If air is felt when squeezing them, then it must be removed.

How to clean the system from the cork?

The solution to the problem is quite simple. It is necessary to drive up the hill with the front part of the car. The higher the degree of recovery, the better. Further on the working motor, unscrew the plug from the expansion tank and wait until all the air leaves the system. According to the laws of physics, air is lighter than liquid and tends to go up. So we will create the most favorable conditions for this. Enough three to five minutes of the engine to completely remove the plug from the system. Periodically, it should be podgazovyvat up to 2-3 thousand revolutions, in order to create more pressure for the coolant (the more the crankshaft rotates, the more often the pump rotates). It is also recommended to squeeze and unclamp the inflated nipple - so we will speed up the process of discharging oxygen to the outside. But be careful - the temperature can reach 90 degrees. For safety reasons, wear gloves.


This is another reason why the VAZ-2114The stove is blowing cold air at the feet and not only. The damper may not fit securely for several reasons. So, the control lever may come off or flake foam. In the latter case, you need to paste a new one. Preferably for high-quality glue.

At the VAZ-2114 the stove blows cold air on the sides

You can see the picture of the side dams below.

VAZ 2114 The stove blows cold air at the feet
Owners of VAZ-2114 cars often collidewith a similar problem: the window and legs are warm air, and on the sides - cold. What is the reason? The reason - in an unreasoned arrangement of the stove body. This problem was observed at the Soviet G8. Thus, the nozzles of the side air ducts are below the damper itself. And as soon as the latter is slightly opened, the cold air gets into the damper immediately.

VAZ 2114 stove blowing cold air on the sides of the photo
The side airflow control cable is located at the driver’s feet, on the left side. If the VAZ-2114 stove blows cold air on the sides, you should tighten the cable. This can be done in two ways:

  • With the help of pliers, without dismantling the valve. Getting close to the problem place, we press the element for several tens of degrees.
  • With the help of round pliers. This is a more efficient option. To do this, remove the torso from the flap lever and tighten it a little. For convenience, it is recommended to partially disassemble the console. So you can control the density of the closing flaps in place.

Lever arm

If the VAZ-2114 stove blows cold aireven after tightening the cable, it is worth examining the condition of the lever itself, which opens the flap. Despite the thickness of the metal, it can crack. In this case, the valve is wedged in one place. Usually it is slightly ajar. As a result, the air from there blows a completely different temperature. The way out is to buy a new lever.

VAZ 2114 stove blowing cold air
But often it is sold as an assembly with a deflector. After replacing it, the stove works as expected. Hot air blows from all sides - on the legs, on the windshield, in the center and on the sides. Slightly distorted the valve itself. There are a few reasons for its deformation (the banal use of the stove at the limit), but this problem should not be excluded from the list.


So, we found out for what reasons on the VAZ-2114the stove is blowing cold air. As you can see, the problems may be different. But before buying new parts, you need to accurately determine the essence of the problem. Perhaps the blame is the airlock. In the case of a cable, it is not necessary to change it entirely. The above is a way to get it working again with a simple brace. But whatever the reason may arise, in any case, it can be solved by hand with minimal spending.

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