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Car Great Wall Hover M2: review, specifications and reviews

In recent years, Chinese cars are conqueringis increasingly popular in Russia. These cars attract attention primarily at their own cost. After all, Chinese cars are one of the cheapest in the world market. Crossovers are in great demand. Such cars are produced by several companies in the Middle Kingdom. One such is the Great Wave. Crossovers and off-road vehicles of this brand are officially supplied to our market. Not the exception was the Great Wall Hover M2. However, this machine was delivered to Russia only for one year (this was 2013).


The design of the car is very unusual. The car is not like any other crossover or SUV. The Chinese used a maximum of straight and square lines. It looks unusual, but it's difficult to call it stylish. The only ones who applied similar "squareness" earlier are the Koreans in the Kia Soul hatchback. But the size of the Great Wall Hover M2 is completely different, and there are no echoes of the "Kia" here. Front crossover differs massive unpainted bumper with round fog lamps, which smoothly switches to the wheel arches. The radiator grille is rectangular, with the brand logo of the brand. Headlights - large, halogen, elongated slightly on the side of the wings. The hood in the car is flat like a cargo truck, as, indeed, a roof. The front body racks are practically vertical. The bottom of the door is protected by wide plastic moldings, which also do not paint in the body color. On the roof there are rails, but hardly any of the owners used them at least once.

great wall hover m2 specifications

As the reviews say, Great Wall Hover M2 is badresists blows. With a minor accident, all this plastic "jewelry" begins to pour. And to find something on the disassembly (not to mention the new elements) is very difficult. The thickness of the paint is quite small, and often the scratches reach the metal itself. If the problem is not corrected in time, the body will instantly rust.

Dimensions, clearance

Judging by the dimensions, the new Great Wall Hover M2belongs to the subcompact class. So, the length of the body is 4.01 meters, width - 1.74, height - 1.72 meters. The size of the wheelbase is exactly two and a half meters. The curb weight is almost like that of a car (1170 kilograms).

great wall hover m2 specifications

Clearance, unfortunately, also "passenger" - only 16and a half centimeters. Talk about the patency of the Chinese crossover is not necessary, because most modifications to the Russian market were delivered from the front drives. Also there are no locks and transfer case.


Landing in the car is quite convenient, assay the owners' reviews. The Great Wall Hover M2 inside is not like the rest of the Chinese in this class. If in other models the interior design was copied from cars, then the crossover impresses with its rough and angular interior, which is not typical of compact SUVs. Yes, it is very difficult to name it luxurious. Everywhere hard plastic and strange fabric that forms folds. But the level of noise insulation is an order of magnitude higher than that of other Chinese counterparts.

great wall hover specifications

Since the Great Wall Hover M2 - budgetcar, there are questions about ergonomics. So, the owners complain about the unsuccessful arrangement of the gearshift lever. It is too short, and you have to reach it all the time. There is not enough range of steering adjustments, although it is adjustable in two directions. It is also not possible to adjust the seat height. Landing is quite low. Vertical racks interfere with the review. The radio tape recorder sounds very bad. Still, the owners negatively speak about the location of the instrument panel. As such, the shield is not here. All that is available for the driver is a huge "alarm clock" on the center console. Owners say that the crossover unsuccessfully placed a fuel level sensor in the tank. On a sunny day, it is not at all informative.

great wall m2 specifications

But there is one indisputable car in this car.advantage. This is the availability of free space. There is enough space here both in the front and in the back. This was achieved thanks to a flat floor and a straight roof.


But still a short base makes itself felt. The luggage capacity in the five-seater version is only 330 liters. It is also possible to transform the rear seatback in the proportion of 60 to 40. In the double version, the volume of the cargo compartment is 1100 liters. The maximum weight of the baggage is 407 kilograms, which is quite good with a low curb weight.

Specifications Great Wall Hover M2

For a compact crossover, the Chinese have providedonly one petrol four-cylinder unit. They became a polutoralitrovy atmospheric engine that meets the environmental standards of Euro-4 and runs on 92-m gasoline. The maximum power that this engine develops at six thousand revolutions is 105 horsepower. Torque - 138 Nm. It is available at 4.2 thousand revolutions. According to reviews, the dynamic characteristics of the Great Wall Hover M2 are quite weak. There are reasons for this. This is a small amount of engine, a relatively large weight and "clumsy" aerodynamics. Up to 70 kilometers per hour, the car accelerates somehow vigorously, but the last 30 to hundreds is gaining very tight. So, acceleration from zero to one hundred takes about 17 seconds on mechanics. Other transmissions for this engine is not provided. As for fuel consumption, the car spends about eight liters 92nd in a combined cycle per 100 kilometers. In the city, this figure reaches ten liters.

great wall hover m2

"Great Wall Hover M2", like all modern cars,it is completed with the catalyst of exhaust gases. Its resource is no more than 60 thousand kilometers. Then it starts to get clogged up, or the oxygen sensor fails. The problem can be solved by removing the catalyst, followed by flashing and installing a lambda probe snag.


The car Great Wall Hover M2 has a frontIndependent suspension with spring struts "McPherson" and transverse stabilizer. Behind the archaic beam is applied with telescopic shock absorbers. What say about the work of the suspension Great Wall Hover M2 reviews of the owners? The machine does not have a high smoothness. The car literally bounces on each bump and becomes more or less soft when there are 200 kilograms of cargo in the trunk or the speed exceeds 60 kilometers per hour.

great wall hover

Steering gear - power rake. The car responds to the steering wheel with a delay, so abrupt maneuvers should be abandoned. Also, despite the presence of a stabilizer, the car significantly rolls in corners.

Four-wheel drive

Some versions of cars are equipped with a systemall wheel drive. The rear axle is connected via a viscous coupling. However, reviews of the owners say that viscous coupling enters the work only after the car is stuck on the roads. The car is difficult to overcome the dirt with the standard 16-inch road wheels. Therefore, the Great Wall Hover M2 is only suitable for asphalt pavement.

Price Great Wall Hover M2

Unfortunately, the car left the Russian market,and finding the new Great Wall Hover M2 is not possible. Chinese crossover is sold in the secondary market. It can be purchased at prices ranging from 400 to 450 thousand rubles. These will be models of 2013 with mileage from 40 to 120 thousand kilometers.

The Great Wall Hover M2 was delivered to Russia in several trim levels. Basic "Standard" includes:

  • Frontal airbags.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Electric heated mirrors.
  • Electric windows for all doors.
  • Receiver.
  • Central locking.
  • 16-inch alloy wheels.
  • Power steering.
great wall m2 features

Intermediate version of the suite differs morehigh-quality finishing materials, as well as rear parking sensors and metallic body painting. Maximum grade, elite class, includes:

  • Leather steering wheel.
  • Luke.
  • Climate control.
  • The electric drive of mirrors.
  • Multimedia system with USB output.
  • Leather seats.

Summing up

So, we found out what constitutesChinese crossover "Great Wall Hover M2". As you can see, the car is not without flaws. It is very difficult to find spare parts for this car, since the car has officially left the market. The crossover is not designed even for easy off-road, but a weak engine forces you to be behind the whole stream. On the other hand, the car attracts "sweet" price. Find a similar five-year crossover for the money is quite difficult. Therefore, these shortcomings are forgivable. When buying is worth paying attention to mileage. After all, few of the "Chinese" has a resource of more than 150-200 thousand kilometers. And you can not serve such cars at every service.

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